Terra Mystica Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


Yep, definitely good game :slight_smile:


Baelnor, 4son1002 and myself are in R5. Ours is a tight game mostly defined by there being so little money around (the money bonus card is missing and no priest track bonuses give money).

I am so impressed by the app, everything is so seamless and well-designed.


Finally they fixed scoring for longest connection. Before today, it wouldn’t account for shipping upgrades - so the longest connection was basically only between the rivers or over bridges. No wonder I’ve been losing so many damn points.

Also, they did a minor UI swap as well.


I feel like shipping was working properly for final scoring. It was definitely taking it into consideration in my tournament game. I was briefly confused when I went to take a turn and they had swapped the order of workers and money, and also the order of the cults…

At least the fixed the double turn shenanigans!


in my tourney game i had upgraded to shipping level 3 and only because of this i was able to win the “greatest settlement” reward.
so i can confirm it was ok.


Shipping was working, largest area (now that I went and looked up the right term) wasn’t. Looking over the games I’ve been in, it would easily account for the loss of points overall.

Really it’s moot, unless we’re replaying the games that have already finished. I’m just happy I’m not going (more) crazy.


I just wish the update would have deleted all of the games where the AI somehow timed out, and are now reporting “waiting for results”!


oh, i meant “largest area” when i spoke of “greatest settlement”.
i won the 18 points for largest area (10 hexes), and you can see on the map that i had no bridge and only a 4-hexes area without shipping.
i was playing RED chaos mage.
all calculations were correct. 18+62+24+1(3gold)= 105


I want to see which bonus cards the Nomads have been taking for our game that is still ongoing, but when I pull up the log it only shows me the most recent part of it. It seems like he keeps taking the bonus that gives 4 coins (which you shouldn’t be allowed to do in consecutive turns) but I can’t see the whole log to verify it.


I have been trying to use the gold


I didn’t, it is also not possible :grinning: The gold was acquired by changing workers for gold.


I’m not positive this is working… A game I am in as the Mermaids mid-game is reporting me at 6 structures, when it should be 11… Maybe they only straightened it out for final scoring?


the count for my largest area was correct throughout my whole game.

but of course that must not mean it will always work in all games.
in the contrary it seems like we have a problem here when Athros and you have noticed malfunctions :frowning2:

you should document it by taking screenshots and send the report to the devs. i’m totally sure they want to know about every bug to be able to fix it.
tourney suspended?


If its a scoring issue we should be able to work it out amongst our selves if people take plenty of end game screen shots to show everything.


I’m not worried about it either. I’m losing my shirt in the re-ran tournament game so nothing is going to salvage that :wink:


The epic game between @JMH.75 and @johnl is done. It had many long seasons of terraforming large amounts of land, the nomads threatened to take the entirety of the map. The cultist of course were brought into the dispute and they ended petitioned until the end. Saviodo won as the auren in the end, with special shout out to the shipping bonus card.


Well played! After the largest area bug was fixed, I realized I didn’t have the largest area anymore :worried: Not that it mattered, Saviodo was just a bit better :grinning:


I haven’t been following what the bug has been. Is it because I added the shipping to eventually join everything?


It was a good game and I had lots of fun.


Before the update, shipping was not taken into account for determining the largest area.