Terra Mystica Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


i was stuck without money in one turn, so i converted mana power to money, priests to workers, then workers to money.
i could have as well dedicated the priest to a temple for climbing 3 steps upwards for getting mana, but i think most of my mana lingered in the lowest bowl.
it all depends, but it’s a flexible system.


If no one else minds, @athros and I are happy to start our game over so @irishdomer08 isn’t culled by a timeout.


No objections here.


@JammaTal Yeah, every time I log in, it’s “Oh, Jamma’s exchanging half of what he has for something else.” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I started another game with @halfvoid and @irishdomer08 . I have no choice for the timer that I can find, and it looks like 24 hours is the default.


Thanks @athros and @halfvoid. An unnecessary but very generous offer. Much appreciated.


:grin: :innocent:

yeah, it’s fun and so useful. i think this turn i will have to do it more than ever.
really? last turn? already? TM plays quite fast for such a complex game.


Well done to both @JammaTal and @geigerm.
It’s been exciting to see you two slug it out.
I think that if we had waited a couple more days to start the tournament, I would’ve been able to do significantly better than my distant third place. I totally failed to capitalize on the Cultists special ability by not having any neighbors. If anyone is looking for off-the-book games with non-advancers, I’d be interested in a 3-player game.


I’d be interested in that as well


I am also interested in more games :slight_smile: - I do wish there was a “Give random race cards to the players” option in the app.


I’m up for losing…I mean learning with another game.


Now that the first game that I started is over, I’m going to see if I can pull the replay off the device and post it here.


It should be easy enough to do on Android. I believe Google Play Games has a built in recorder that uploads to Youtube, if you launch the game from the GPG app.


table 1 ended with a 105-105-84 tie.

there is a hidden auto-converison at work when the app calculates the final scores.

me: 62(buildings)+24(temple)+18(area)= 104 +3gold= 1VP= 105 total
geigerm: 69+22+12= 103 +2gold AND auto-conversion of 2workers=2gold AND auto-sacrificing 2 mana to advance 2 mana to bowl 3 for auto-conversion into 2gold for a total of 6 gold= 2VP= 105 total :flushed: wow!

but one thing irritated me: when geigerm upgraded a worker hut to a trading post next to my hut in his last turn, the app auto-traded 1 of my VPs for 2 mana, although i had checkmarked “ask for each conversion?” as YES, AND had set “auto-trade points for power?” to a big fat “0” !
i would have answered NO, if i had been asked. what was going on?
if possible we should deactivate this shaky option when creating a new game.
it obviously can get out of control and can do what it likes :confounded:


Thats very interesting in regards to the the auto conversion at the end of the game.

Are you sure geigerms upgrade traded away your victory points? Ive also set auto convert to zero at the end of the game, and I had a dwelling built next to one of my dwellings. It seemed to me that I got some power for free at no expense of victory points. Maybe it took them but didnt animate them, I wasnt paying enough attention.


i think i have read it in the gamelog too.
i might check the replay.

[edit] i had tapped on “save replay” in the final scoring screen, but…
the “replays” folder on my account screen is…empty :thinking:
not yet implemented?


I had a replay for a couple of days. It’s gone today.


Is there anyone who has no clue how to play but wants to fumble around blindly with others of equal skill and understanding? I’ve only gone through the tutorial and the rule book but I don’t have any actual games under my belt but am quite intimidated by those of you who not only understand he game but seem to have actual strategy and Terra Mystica IQ.


Good game @js619 and @whovian223.

The final scores were

Snotty128 : 139
Js619 : 91
Whovian223 : 54

The score flatters me to be honest, as JS619 was nipping at my heels the entire game. I only just passed him on the cult tracks and biggest area bonuses.

From my point of view I worked to starve the others of money, and it seemed to work.


Thanks for posting the final. I really seemed to hit a wall on the last turn and couldn’t do much - was it the lack of money? I’m still not clear on which resource does what exactly… and I was going for the largest area, figured that might help me in the endgame, but you took off points wise in the last two rounds. Good game!