Terra Mystica Tourney - Instructions and Table Assignments


I found these links after I’d taken my first couple of turns, too.


Me too… should’ve been building towards the stronghold instead of throwing dwellings everywhere…


The first result is in …

As earlier in this thread, hardco started off by showing me how the game should be played. And, as can be seen above, by the end of the game hardco dominated the cult tracks and had the best board presence. But the sequence of bonus tiles had suited my Dwarves and I earned just enough VP during play to run out the narrow winner. Chubbsy suffered by being in greater direct competition with hardco and thus he did not stunt the initial growth of the Dwarves (as I had feared).

A great game … and a great app (once understood). All credit to @Hardco and @Chubbs

Every decision counts … near the end I could have had 5 Power for 4 VP and then used it to get an area of size 12. I reckoned (correctly as it turned out) that that would result in a net 2 VP gain over Chubbsy but a net loss of 1 VP against hardco so I declined the offer after triple-checking my reasoning. As it turned out I would still have won by one VP if I had taken the offer - but the point is the importance of every decision.

It is now time to sit back and mop my brow …


Spot on summary! And a well deserved win, congrats @robthomasson and a very well done to @Hardco - so close 2nd!

It was an enjoyable party and personally, I learned a lot from it. We also found a major bug, are we?

Sign me up for the next tourney :slight_smile:


Close game! At the end of round 4 I was wishing I had picked up the 2 points for dwellings favour tile. Without an additional scoring mechanism it was tough to keep up with all that tunnelling… I had hoped the third town would do it, but just short.

And yeah, for all you cheaters out there, you can choose a power from the right bar after making a move (before selecting end turn) and get two turns in a row! Hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch. Good game all!


Into the second round and competition for land is fierce! There is no little cheap settlements on their own, everything is pure competition and race for spots.


Yes, thanks Baelnor for crowding me (Darklings) out with your Nomads. I even used an end of phase bonus to use a spade in the South, but you turned it right to Desert and put a dwelling on it.


It was only one step from yellow! :wink:

But yes, that was a low blow


Same here. When I did all my tunnelling in round 4 I was wishing that I had that favour tile. When I had the favour choice earlier I took an income tile on a sort of default basis of income/resources first, VPs later … but it is not that straightforward in this game. On the other hand, that income was important … so … :sweat_smile: … no hard and fast rules.


The state of the board for @halfvoid, @irishdomer08 and me


(image is too large)


I’m sad to report that I’ve timed out of the game this weekend. I was traveling and lost track of it for a day.

I’m rooting for my AI, but of course I won’t advance. :slight_smile:

I haven’t yet figured out the timeout rules for this app. I know you only time out in 2p games if your opponent confirms it. I also timed out of my 4p game this weekend but it didn’t auto replace me. I just made my move there and appear to be back in the game just fine.

@athros and @halfvoid I’m curious what you both saw on your end with my time out. Did you happen to hit the trophy that pops up? No hard feelings if you did.

Sorry guys!


I never saw the trophy icon appear on our game in my list, I think that’s the one you tap to boot a timed out player.

No idea.

And I’m in the other 4P game where you didn’t get booted and never saw it there either. Unless I just didn’t check for my turn when you timed out.


I might perform better if I timed out in our game. :unamused:

Game with @Snotty128 and @js619 is on Turn 5 (and I already can’t do anything so will be passing soon), so it should be over soon.


I wish I could add something to the conversation, but in all honesty I have no idea how my score is what it is. This is one of those games that might be easier to learn in cardboard - my biggest issue is not knowing where things are in the app to plan my turns better. I keep getting surprised when I run out of pieces with which to take actions lol


I don’t see how anyone could learn this game or plan ahead using this app. The screen showing how much everything costs is really buried . I refer to a picture of my playing board off the Internet when I play this .


I don’t recall seeing any popups when I checked for my turn. I tried looking in the log, but it didn’t show anything either.


Its taken me a while, but Im starting to find all the buttons I need. At the end of the day its about scoring points and there are quite a few ways to do that. There are 8 tabs up the top, and tabs 2,3,4,5 and 8 all have ways to score points in them. Your player board also has a lot of points avaliable on it, by tapping on your portrait, then the ‘i’ symbol on the lower left of the radial menu that pops up. Your player board even has two pages of ways to score points! I think you score points for bridges, but Im not sure without building one, and cant find it referenced in game.

Ive got to admire @whovian223 for his stately play spirit, and still putting turns in even though its hopeless. It looks like you painted yourself into a corner early by upgrading all your dwellings, and I can see how much of struggle it is for you to get out. As you say, I think it will be over soon.


Yeah, I don’t abandon games when I mess up, even less so when it’s a tournament game with you guys.

I take my licks and keep coming back. :slight_smile:


the shortcuts on top of the screen are very helpful.
for getting detailed building info it’s best to tap on the hexes.

after 2 or 3 turns i started to feel comfortable.
by now i know where to find all needed infos.

i guess at the boardgame table the amount of bookkeeping for all the different sources of income can be quite a burden. Rahdo kept forgetting about something each turn in his runthrough :rolling_eyes:

@whovian223, maybe these conversions can help you to overcome temporary shortages? can be done as often we want and as additional free actions each turn.


Yeah, I’m aware of the energy conversion possibilities. I have a bit of a shortage of that too, but I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile: