Summoner Wars! Call to Arms! 1st SP Championship


I’m another one who believes the RNG gods have an awesome impact. In my game vs. @JHTaube, his Kreep (?) rolled poorly and exited the playing field early, helping my cause considerably. In the end, the lack of early pressure enabled me to prevail. Gg, Joe!


Great job bringing out all three champions. I think better rolls mid-game could have made it more even, but it was going to be an uphill climb no matter what.
Up for a friendly match while we wait for the bracket to catch up?


I’m always up for a game of SW




@JHTaube Hysterical. We both chose The Filth! I suggest we start over and forego a mirror match. If you want to choose them again, no problem, I’ll choose another faction.


@JHTaube Arrrggh! I messed up and didn’t move my Gorilla! :cold_sweat:


No harm done. I miffed all my rolls!


Sorry for the holdup, all. I mistakenly thought I had reported my score on Challonge. Invite out for my next match with @HolstenKnight.


Well played, @HolstenKnight! I was very fortunate to pull Chant of Haste at just the right time; that was a pretty hopeless situation, otherwise. @JHTaube, I await your challenge.


Yeah, I just thought: hey maybe I turned the game, as this whatever rat monster showed up and did mean things I did not understand, as I have never seen the card before :grin:
Well played, now go for the finale


For all those who are still checking in…

Gg, Mr Rinella!

I stuttered a bit at the start and Kelsey took quick advantage, so here we are at the very end of the tournamentment. The last match begins!

Good luck!


@zebracadabra, who defeated me in my first game, has now joined the rest of us in the loser’s bracket. Now the remaining question is whether I’m Rocky Balboa from Rocky or Rocky 2.


Final match still not underway. We just returned today, much of the time away from internet. Our six hour drive was nine hours with a complete shutdown of I-95 at one point. Thank you Waze for taking us around the trouble (great app).

I have a lot of catching up to do, business and personal, so I do not expect to open SW until tmw even. I’m sure it was lol be a fun match!


I fondly remember I-95 from childhood trips to Disney World from upstate New York. Well, I remember it, anyway.

Take your time, Z.


My health took a turn for the worse last week. An ER visit turned into admission for observation and although I’m home now, I just do not feel like competing. I don’t feel well and that kills any desire to compete.

I’ve forfeit every game played elsewhere and just forfeit my final match with Kelsey, who is a perfect SW champion. Check out his online record! Far better than mine, so I’m very okay with taking second place the easy way.

It’s been fun and you know I’ll be joking any future tourneys when my health is no longer an issue. Grats to the SW champion!


i’m very concerned about Alan’s health issues and send him all my best wishes for a betterment.

congratulations to worthy 1st StatelyPlay Summoner Wars Champion rinelk! :trophy:


Oh, Alan!! I am worried too! Please get better! And if you feel like it, keep us updated. All the best…

Congrats to @rinelk for the Championship, although I’m sure he is worried too.

I always love a good SW competition. Please say if anyone likes a game or two, or just drop me an invite!


Given our 1-1 record, if anyone’s getting a pity win here, it ought to be @Zebracadabra. I propose a shared title.

Which reminds me, I tried to make @JammaTal choose a badge design for tournament winners, and never saw a final decision. Apologies if I missed it, but if that was too much pressure, I’ll just choose sonething simple, like a star. Last chance, Jamma.


I won’t have any of that! Thanks for the very kind offer but Kelsey, you are the champ. Besides, you will have to defend your crown at some point and I’m aiming to be back in action long before then.


oh, i remember digging through lots and lots of pages of badge symbols but i could not decide.
had searched for something like a locomotive or railroad icon (for winning the Brass tourney) but could not find.

and i had hoped for a bit assistance in deciding on this.
but ok, i just tried again and must say the search function is very helpful.
so what about this for tournament winners, Kelsey?

perfect fit, or?
other way to go would be individual badges for all tourneys.
but i can’t do that alone :grimacing: