Summoner Wars! Call to Arms! 1st SP Championship


a “forgotten” gem.

who is interested in a double elim tourney on Challonge?


I would usually be down for that, but I can’t figure out that game for the life of me


essentially it’s a card game, including a deckbuilder.
but cards are played down to a map and transform into units which can maneuver and battle it out on the map like units on the battlefields of Titan HD :wink:

admitted that the interface is a bit tricky :grimacing:

it was Strategy Game of the Year on PT, three (or four?) years ago.


Oh, I know the game. I have it.

It’s just every time I play against the AI, I have no idea what to do to even come close to playing well :slight_smile:


AtticusJr can’t register on SP right now.

so he has asked me to sign him in.


I just got back from holiday travels, but I’m looking into this–it seems a lot of Discourse-generated emails are going astray (but not all of them). So I have some troubleshooting to do. Might be best to hold off the tournament until I’ve ironed out those wrinkles.

But when it launches, I’m in.


I got this at some point but never learnt to play it. I’ll play a few rounds with the ai and see if it clicks with me


I haven’t payed it in ages but I’m always up for SW. I’ll just have to learn all the new factions, pick one and lose gracefully, eh?


thanks for taking care, rinelk.

so we will take our time to collect more entries of registered users and will wait on for possible fix of registration issue.


I’m in. Glad to see this one back in play. I’ve kept playing with @Blackfyre so hopefully he’s in too.


I promised myself to withhold from any tournaments in the near future… I just need to focus my time…

But I can’t say “no” to you guys,can I? :grimacing: The fact that it is SW makes it even harder to resist. I am “All In” of course!! Can’t wait!


wow! so i officially declare you two as licensed favorites for claiming the title :grin:


Ok, I’m in.

Thanks Jamma for holding a place for me


Oooo, I’m game if there are still openings @JammaTal. I still love SW :smiley:


I’ve resolved the email issues I know about, so it should now be possible for new users to sign up and the tournament may proceed as planned. Thank you for your patience!


great news! for the tourney and even more so for the Stately Play website :tada: :dizzy: :heart_exclamation:


Ack! Didn’t read the Challonge carefully and didn’t notice it was for Summoner Wars. :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a try, though somebody’s going to have an easy first round. LOL


i have created 1st StatelyPlay Summoner Wars Championship
on Challonge.

not sure about @Snotty128’s participation. (edit: confirmed)

and @Snotty128 and @rinelk could not be found as users on Challonge. (edit: done)

line of players still a bit thin.
let’s hope for some more entries.
tourney will start on Saturday, January 14th.

seeds will be shuffled just before hitting the “start tournament” button.
the bracket as it can be seen now is not valid.

i will keep it simple. players can play with whatever faction they want as often they want.


I’ve played through the tutorial twice on this over the years, but never made it much further than that. I guess if I’m ever going to learn it, this is the time! Count me in…


Trying to remember how invites work on SW. Should I assume we’ll need to do friend invitations first?