Summoner Wars! Call to Arms! 1st SP Championship


I almost know what is going on in this game now! Gg!


Looks like this is the first thread with over 100 replies. Congrat @JammaTal! Youre getting all the firsts. I think the view count on your hill climb racing thread is going to take a while to beat too


:joy: :sweat_smile: :innocent:

yeah, 2.4k and rising.
i guess a link to the thread must have been pasted somewhere. official forum?
or it comes up when googling Hill Climb 2? whatever. some new registered users attracted by this :grin:

btw i can recommend cutting down the list of friends! daily and weekly challenges are fun again. and i have deleted my personal “add me as friend” link.
of course i lost my “Popular Link” badge by doing so :weary:
(Holsten just earned the “Hot Link” badge (300+ clicks) and is on his way to “Famous Link” :sunglasses:

the latest update fixed some physics in the mine levels. i’m still having fun with HC.

btw have you noticed that i’m trying to be the first to get the “used most emoji in one post” badge? :wink:


How do you get 12 walls scattered across the board? Have both players use the Swamp Orcs!

@Blackfyre and I are slogging it out in a good ol mud fight. I should’ve just lost as I missed seeing a summoning spot and he sent a conjuror to attack my heavily wounded Summoner on the back row.
But, he rolled a double 1 and I live to fight on. Now I’ve got a champion and two commons to go after his unwounded Summoner. What will happen next? One things for sure, it won’t be pretty!


I had a good laugh about this! And initially, when we both choose those Swamp Orcs…
He is right… nasty straight muscle fight, no tricks, just bare bones. Playdek should add some fx to the game, something like a Orc war-scream and a Goblin giggle…

This game is going to be a close one, however it is gonna end. We will probably update soon!


Defeated @HolstenKnight, gg!

At least four cards went to his Fallen Kingdom discards instead of my Magic pile but overall, I’m sure I had the better rolls, particularly at the crucial moments.


More like the better deck, did not know how bad and stupid the fallen kingdom standard deck is. It tricked me in my first match against athros, with all good cards at the start and the right moment. But this time I was like “is there any unit with attack greater than 1 in this deck?!” :joy:

But good played, I think I even had better rolls than you. :sweat_smile:


Well it’s over. I have a feeling just one more turn would have seen @Blackfyre’s last champion deployed. Possibly within range knockdown my Summoner. But was not to be.
Incidentally we have nearly identical win/loss numbers. About 350-450.


Well, Joe is being pretty generous here. I had a good chance to finish his summoner and missed. After that, the tide turned completely on me and although I was in fact going to unleash a champion, there would have been no way I could win this game anymore. With my summoner severely wounded and 3 commons and one champion on his tail, it was a sure thing in his favor. Congrats!!

I hope we are going to meet again this tournament Joe, I feel the need for REVENGE :smiling_imp:

The next game with Lord @rinelk is created.


For some inane reason, I always enjoyed playing with the Fallen Kingdom and somehow have a 15-14 record with them. I used to play a lot of Cultists and Phantoms. If you got lucky, the Phantoms could turn the game a lot.

My favorites are probably the Jungle Elves but they don’t win all that often.


@AtticusJr and me are still battling it out in an epic fight.
and it will go on for some time after we both have missed our chances for a breakthrough.


Yeah, I checked the deck builder and had a better fallen kingdom deck (I think) in about 2 mins. With a lot of cultists and phantoms, both not existent in the standard deck :sweat_smile:


yeah, and i kept telling you “read the fuckin’ card texts! take a trip to the deck builder!” etc etc


Lol! Meanwhile, we both hate this game. The RNG is overwhelming at times. When we get depressed, at least we can play the Phoenix Elves and at least not have to worry about the dice so much.


That’s funny–they seem to be the only faction I CAN win with.


Well done, Jamma!

I just conceded our game after seeing your last move, a brilliant use of Goblin abilities. I was trapped and even if I won every roll of the attack dice from two attacks, it would still not be enough to save me.



i have 100% confidence in the SW RNG to be able to produce the most unbelievable results in the whole wide world of gaming.
i was prepared to see my upcoming attack fail (again) :rolling_eyes:
rolling 3x 1 (buffed by Moog) and 2x 1or2 should have been no problem for the SW RNG :grimacing:

but seriously, this was an epic match. so much happening, so many stories to tell.
pendulum swang back and forth.
thx for gaming, Bill!


My sacrifices on the RNG altar were rewarded. I seriously have never seen a more incompetent array of die-rollers than @Blackfyre’s unfortunate dudes in this past game. I’d love to take credit for strategy in that win, but I ran guys into danger repeatedly only to see them survive to strike again. I feel like the guy who sent out a flight of kamikaze pilots only to learn that half of them made it back alive.


Congrats @rinelk

I always defend SW. RNG is much overrated in this game, you almost can never win a game against a much more skilled player.

But oh god, was I in rage! I’m was running around the house and at work with a pretty unwelcoming facial expression [grim, angry, blamefully], which in turn did not do any good to help raise my self esteem. But it was out of my control… turn after turn i kept getting those shitty dice rolls. No plan ever worked.

So. as this was my second lost game in a row, I’m out unfortunately. And I have to admit to myself, that it was not luck alone, that led to this outcome.

I still have to keep practicing… somehow I’m thinking of “be water my friend”

Hit me for a game anytime guys. Please!


:joy: :laughing: :joy_cat: :grin:
that was a good one, my friend.

THE RNG is watching us! MIGHTY RULER of everything! quantum leaps, asymmetry between matter and antimatter, dice rolls in SW…