Summoner Wars! Call to Arms! 1st SP Championship


I remember checking at the time for a brass specific symbol. I think there were a couple of underground/metro train type symbols, but nothing that really said ‘brass’ to me


my ambition to find convincing individual badge icons for each tournament is reinvigorated now :smirk:

another nice general badge icon for winning a tourney: graduation cap

for Brass: factory
for Star Realms: rocket or spaceship/space-shuttle
for Cthulhu Realms: ghost or monster
perfect fit for possible Potion Explosion tourney: [flask]magic/summon(
for LoW (wooden cube) or for Summoner Wars (almighty dice!): cube or cubes
for Steam RtR: steam (isn’t it Valve’s Steam brand icon? then better not, or?)
another pick for SW: magic/summon

but what for Ascension?

btw the trickery of memory let me remember lots of pages where in fact it’s only 1 page on fontawesome :persevere:


That brass symbol is spot on