Summoner Wars! Call to Arms! 1st SP Championship


i had the same problem. you can see some posts on that topic when you scroll up a bit.
it helped me out to delete and reinstall the game.

but a word of warning: you will lose all saved custom decks.
we had a discussion on that issue too.
although SW claims to save the decks in the cloud, they seem to be only local.
i will take screenshots of custom decks next time :smirk:


This was weird: my custom decks came back about a week after I reinstalled.

But they say computers are deterministic devices entirely devoid of free will.


Thanks for waiting @athros, Ive created a game and sent an invite


No worries man. I completely understand. I’m job hunting right now, so I have a bunch of extra time between interviews.

I picked it up and took the first turn (in case your notifications are borked).


take your time and have fun. this is a laid back and relaxed tourney event.


@AtticusJr and I have both chosen the “Guild Dwarfs” for our confrontation. And so to say, I had the significant better dice roll outcome. He was about to charge on my summoner with “Baldar”, an opponent I have lost countless dice rolls agains. But not this time, thanks to Fortuna. I rolled a “full hit” with a double dice twice in the same turn, taking him out. Then I rolled another full hit against @AtticusJr summoner, finishing the match even sooner than I had hoped for.

Hard luck @AtticusJr and maybe till next time. Invite me anytime for a friendly match if you like, preferably after the tournament!

@JHTaube Shit! Against my longtime rival now… we are still playing a friendly match though… let’s finish it ASAP and start our tournament match afterwards.


HA! Oh the mind games have begun. To choose a wild-card faction or old favorite. If only I had been keeping statistics on each faction per opponent.


Well done Blackfyre! I’m not sure it was hard luck tho. I made an extremely risky (foolish?) play to try to regain some tempo.

Let’s just call it valiant! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW, I tried to confirm your win at Challonge but it wouldn’t save, and I don’t know who I play next.


Weird @AtticusJr. You put in a zero and a one? Stupid question probably.


If I’m understanding things here, you are playing me @AtticusJr. I’ll set up a game.


The zero and one were already there, so I tapped Confirm. Nothing changed.

So I went back and this time entered both digits manually, and still nothing happened.

I thought it would insert my name into the table and show me who was playing next.


i jumped in and reported the outcome, it’s ok now.
i guess you may not have activated the “select the winner” tab?


Damn good game @Snotty128.

@athros (Benders) ekes out a win vs @Snotty128 (Fallen Kingdom)

I was starting to get worried I’d never be able to corner Ret-Talus. So many damn skeletons that robbed me of magic.


Well played! You had me firmly on the back foot. Every time I would make a concerted push you would push me back harder.

I think the final nail in the coffin was when you used my own drain magic card against me. Bloody benders and their tricks! :slight_smile:


Well played, @Zebracadabra! I got all excited about investing in my big champion, held back two mana in case of a freeze, and Zebra froze him twice, then plopped a champion in front of him to do enough damage that it wasn’t going to be worth unfreezing him.

I mean, he outplayed me everywhere else TOO, but that was particularly effective.


Gg @rinelk!
I had never even seen that faction in play and didn’t know what to expect. Not only did the dice go my way, my Champions came up exactly on cue.


Hm, I don’t have you in my friendslist in SW Alan. What is your username? I tried zebracadabra but it didn’t work. My username is Holsten Knight. :grin:

Edit: now it worked, don’t know why it did not in the first try.


Good game @rinelk - you had me cornered and cut off really quick!


I suspect it’s hard for the Benders to cope with big champions. Those Deceivers are brutal if you can’t kill them off, but if you can, they just feed the machine. Good game!


My Tundra Orcs defeated Hardco’s Phoenix Elves in our game in the playoffs. Mainly because I was able to use both of my Recruitment cards, and both Freeze cards as well.

If I hadn’t drawn those event cards early, my ass would be grass right now!

GG Hardco!