Summoner Wars! Call to Arms! 1st SP Championship


this really helped me out!
now notifications and badges are coming through (again) :grin:
and oh, the comfort! i only need to tap onto the notification to be carried right into the game, skipping the log in screen.

but custom deck saves were gone, although they should have been stored in iCloud?


Weird?! Really? Because you are right, the custom decks are bound to your login. I never had any problems in this regard. If you are sure you entered your login correctly, then maybe contact Pladek support. They had been helpful to me before.


Hmm. I think custom decks must be stored locally as one’s I create on my iPhone do not appear as choices on my iPad.


i have read other players making the same statement in the Playdek forum.
custom decks are obviously not stored in the iCloud.


If you’d like a sparring partner for the time being feel free to send an invite.


Let me practice a little bit, then I’ll take you up on that. :slight_smile: Thanks!


That is weird. I could swear they were, and honestly I never lost my decks through many reinstalls and many iPad generations for many years now. So neither when I reinstalled the app nor when I changed devices.

But to make sure I was wrong I installed the game on my iPhone and did not get access to my decks, so I must had been wrong somehow. I still don’t have an explanation how I kept my decks then through all this time…


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So Blackfyre and Snotty, how is your match going? Eagerly waiting for one of you to come into my lair!


Its going :slight_smile: both decks are empty and both summoners are mortally wounded. Theres still some dancing left to be done before the day is over though


Losers bracket game started with @JammaTal

Get ready to advance to the next round!


So, my game with @Snotty128 is finally over. It was Snotty with “Fallen Kingdom” against me with “Mercenaries”. Neither of us gave an Inch away for the other, leaving us both bleeding hard. In the end dice rolls were in my favor, but was a hard earned win. Good game Snotty!!

So, what should I do now? In Challonge I reported the win as “1:0”, but I was not foreworded automatically to the next bracket ( I am not very familiar with Challonge). So, should I go play @AtticusJr now?


Ive reported the game on challonge too, which was likely what was causing the hold up


Ok, I’ve added Blackfyre to my friends list. Now, who sets up the game, and if I do, are there any particular settings I should use?


It does not matter who invites. I’ve set up a game with a 14 days timer. Choose whatever faction you like.


Game created for @Snotty128 and me.

I’m ready to lose!


Im going to wait a couple of days to accept your invite, if thats ok. Im on call so my brain is fried, and ive only got a basic grasp of the game. Id prefer to have a bit of a sharper mind during those all important opening turns


That’s fine. I’ll cancel it for now, create it when you’re ready @Snotty128!


Have notifications been working for everybody? Didn’t get one for the invite, didn’t get one for my first turn…


I do not have problems with notifications currently in SW