Stately Switch Games


Nintendo devs are brilliant, I dunno who thought up the whole Splatoon shooter idea, but what a great idea for a non-violent shooter. In a similar vein, I’m thinking I should try Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:

… an ambitious quest to combine Mario, Rabbids and turn-based tactical battles. Having now played the game to completion we can say that this isn’t merely ‘Mario X-COM’, however - it’s better than that.

As far as Bomber Crew,

… that sounds cool for me, since I’m the opposite of a “real-time turn based die hard”, I’m the turn-based guy who will slow down the action about any chance he gets! :grin:

Do you know what does the lower score impact? If it requires running more missions to finish the campaign, that’s a good tradeoff for me, for increased enjoyment. And if the score is just a measure of my proficiency or rank on a leaderboard, that’s down in the noise for me; I’m there for the fun of the journey, not the proficiency measure at the end.

I’m happy for those who do have proficiency, I do love watching the Games Done Quick charity streams. I donated to the one that just ended, but I can’t even begin to beat games like Cuphead, much less speed run them! And the 3-way Sonic Mania race was fun. :+1:

My modest goal this year with videogames is to complete the VGG challenge of “5 games beaten and 50 hours of gametime”. :sunglasses:


This is my favorite and my best.


That’s some funny stuff!


Completed my first Switch game, SteamWorld Dig. :sunglasses:

I had SteamWorld Dig in my Steam library on Windows PC, from a Steam sale years back. However, despite the charm, it wasn’t really a game that I would sit at the PC to play. Watching the recent GamesDoneQuick charity stream with all the platformers/Metroidvania runs got me interested in digging it out to finally play it, and having gotten the Switch for Christmas I decided to grab it there.

SteamWorld Dig on the Switch, in handheld/portable mode, is a great match. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it on the Switch, I’ll definitely be picking up the highly rated sequel, SteamWorld Dig 2, on the Switch as well.

However, with Season 16 of Diablo III having started Friday, I’ll take a break from the world of SteamWorld, and work on earning that sweet Seeker of Light class set for the Crusader. I have it on my Windows PC Diablo III account, look to acquire it for my Switch account Crusader. :sunglasses:


Have completed the set yesterday (PC). Was out of D3 for a couple of seasons…I was deliberating doing a Wizard but wanted to try the Crusader Set. (I also suck at Wizard but didn’t want to do a Monk yet again)
Found an Ancient “Flail of the charge” early on and did a doubletake. Since I like the Steed skill from years back this is now my top combo…gallopping trough all the rifts like there is no tomorrow.

Maybe this time I stick around long enough in the season to complete a Conquest for another Bank Tab on my treasure chest


None of these words sound even remotely appealing.


Rayman is good. Also fun with my 6y old. I can help him and he can catch up if he “dies” on the difficult sections. It is fun to work together.


Got the full IK set for my barb this weekend. One advantage of being sick in bed with the flu is that my wife let me just play Diablo all weekend… We’ll have to exchange codes later when I drag myself out of bed to grab the Switch from the dock.


That makes me want to be sick…


Although, I am up to paragon 410 and ran a GR76 solo…

ETA: getting a notification that “system” edited my Matrix gif may the most Matrix’y thing I’ve ever seen lol, @Neumannium


Congrats! I made it through the annual “Darkening of Tristram” event that ends next week, with my new Season 16 Crusader, killed the bosses and got the Butcher pet on my Switch account. Now working on getting the sweet Seeker of Light class set for my Crusader on the Switch account. :sunglasses:

Being a fresh account and naturally slow, I had had enough of the intentionally fuzzed up graphics for the Darkening event, I have no interest in continuing to revisit to get all the achievements. It was with relief that I moved on to the actual Diablo III graphics! :+1:

My experiences with handheld Diablo III on the Switch seem to mirror my SteamWorld Dig ones, both games are so enjoyable on handheld. I can see where perhaps in the future I’ll try the Switch in console mode and check out the fidelity of the graphics on the big screen TV, but right now I’m finding the loss of the high resolution graphics that I have when playing on my computer monitor with the PC is not impacting my enjoyment of having a polished portable Diablo III handheld version on the Switch. :sunglasses:

I do wish that Blizzard was able to link accounts across platforms, it would be nice if everyone had one Diablo III account, with all the rewards (pets, etc.) available to be used on any platform.


With the release tomorrow of our pre-ordered Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, I’m voting “Not Likely”! :grin:

Countdown Clock for pre-purchase discount promotion expiration, and game release, is now at “21:17:27”. :sunglasses:


Good call - also I saw the requirements…all 16 Bosses have to be killed in less then 20 mins? Blizz can scratch my hairy ass all they like but no thanks!

Sooo purge the heretics in space then? Soon™? Yes!


I’m looking forward to starting today! :sunglasses:

One of the benefits of having Diablo III on a totally different platform is that I can spend my Windows PC time purging and cleansing xenos and heretics, and then when relaxing in the La-Z-Boy recliner with the Switch I can slay demons. :grinning:

Even then, my goals for Season 16 are modest, I wanted to run the “Darkening of Tristram” event on my Switch account, which I did accomplish, now my remaining goal is to acquire the Season 16 class set for my Switch account Crusader. I’ll no doubt enjoy more Season 16 after that, but my goal for the Season is the Seeker of Light set, which will not be difficult. Leaving plenty of time for other gaming endeavors. :+1:


I keep hearing all about this Seeker of Light set. Is there a reason to pursue that over a different class set?


Candles … it’s hard to beat candles when slaying demons! :sunglasses:

Seriously, not only do I love the look of the set, which I need to unlock for transmog purposes on my Switch account, but I’m a fan of the “Hammerdin” build for Crusader fun, and the Seeker of the Light set bonuses are for just that build/playstyle: Crusader Hammerdin Build With Blessed Hammer and Seeker of the Light Set

(6) Set:
Increase the damage of Blessed Hammer by 12,000% and Falling Sword by 1000%.

So, for me, Season 16 is a win/win for my new Diablo III account on the Switch … for my Haedrig’s Gift class set choice, the Crusader option is the cool looking Seeker of the Light which I want in my Switch account transmog, and I get to play Hammerdin during the Season with it. :sunglasses:


Ugh…I really need to find my Switch…


One day I get a switch and ONE day I do a season in D3 and NOT suck at playing Wizard ^^


Oh, man, my monk is going to look stupid…


I am sure I will tire of Smash eventually. Just has not happened yet. What a massive, massive game.