Stately Switch Games


Came here to post this exact sentiment…


I have not yet done a seasonal character, but my understanding from the Internet (I believe everything I read on the Internet, it would not be there if it wasn’t true, right? :thinking: ), is that I can be out and about and as @Mirefox says just need to have connection to the Blizzard Diablo III servers when loading a Switch Diablo III seasonal character, and can then disconnect from the Internet and play it offline, but won’t be able to participate in leaderboards. Since I’ve never been accused of being competitive on leaderboards, that’s not an issue for me.

Basically, my understanding and thoughts are that if I was out and about that I would tether my Switch to my iPhone, fire up Diablo III and select the seasonal character, then disconnect the tether and play offline. Has anyone tried that?


Brought mine to work today to show my sergeant, who’s interested in the Switch (can’t bring it every day as no work would get done, obviously). Haven’t made a seasonal character yet either, but untethered it told me I wouldn’t be on the leaderboards. Tethered it to my phone and didn’t get that message, so I’m assuming that would work in terms of seasonal play?


I don’t have Smash, so I can’t provide any input on the Joycon issue. However, for those who do have Smash, how is the solo World of Light adventure mode that @Mirefox mentioned? Is Smash worth picking up for mainly solo endeavors?

In other news, I did pre-order tomorrow’s New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe! :grinning: An excellent nintendolife review reporting that in addition to the regular characters there are “Very Easy” as well as “Easy” character options swayed me. :sunglasses:


World of Light is pretty fun. It can suck you in quick. I have yet to play with another person yet still have a solid seven or eight hours invested in the various modes (mostly WoL) and a plan for many, many more. Only downer to WoL is that it takes awhile to unlock people in it (and unlocks there are separate from the rest of the game, kinda: anyone unlocked there who isn’t elsewhere becomes available in all modes, but until you unlock a character in WoL it cannot be used there. And you start with…one.) I am up to 15 characters in WoL (about 40-45 outside of it) and that took a long time, so still a bunch to go. But I have Dr. Mario and that’s all that counts.


I have played World of Light almost exclusively. I find that it is quite addicting to find and level up all the spirits, plus I’ve managed to unlock all the fighters for the main game just by playing through WoL.

All that said, the mode is really nothing more than fights with all sorts of crazy rules. There is no story worth noting. I don’t know that I would recommend buying Smash Bros. for the single player any more than I would recommend, say, Street Fighter. I like the single player because I like Smash Brothers but I don’t know what kind of experience it would be if you’re not sure about the game going in to it.

As a multiplayer game, it’s amazing.


This one piqued my interest - seems FTL’ish but with the added plus of a WWII bomber instead of a spaceship…


I just picked up Tales of Vesperia. I don’t know when I’m actually going to start it, but I’m a sucker for a good JRPG.


Can’t speak for the switch port, but it’s a blast on steam with friends.




Oh, wow, I’d never heard of Bomber Crew, but a WWII bomber FTL sounds fantastic! I see nintendolife’s review gives it a “Great” 8/10.

Looks like the 2nd DLC, USAAF, that has the B-17 and aviator sunglasses (!), will be out in 2019 for the Switch, I’m thinking I’ll grab the Deluxe Edition for the Season Pass to get the Secret Weapons DLC and then USAAF when it hits the Switch. :sunglasses:

Bomber Crew USAAF DLC Official Announcement Trailer


That’s my plan too when I get home later!


Anyone made the move to grab Disgaea?

At the moment I have smash bros and Mario Kart. Exclusively play them with the kids. Don’t have a game for me.

Was thinking that or Octopath or Valkyrie chronicles


I borrowed Disgaea from a friend. The game works perfectly fine but it only confirmed that I don’t care for the series.

Octopath is good but feels very old school (not saying that’s bad). I’ve found it very grind-heavy and I do get frustrated that even normal random encounters can be long fights. It definitely scratches the itch for a good, old Final Fantasy game.

Valkyria Chrinicles was great when it first released. I don’t have the Switch version yet but it’s a great strategy RPG.


I am biased to Disgaea so no comment. I am also very biased to Oldschhool jRPG-Sprites so no comment to Octopath traveller either. Thinking about it - I am also biased to Valkcough…ANYWAY…

I don’t know about the Switch adaptation of Valkyria Chronicles but if you haven’t played it yet (and can stomach some jRPG/Animet tropes here and there (very few)) it is a brilliant SRPG/tactical shooter hybrid. Gorgeous visuals (and music) and the unusual setting gameplay mechanics makes it a worthful experience.


Ditto for Disgaea. And sounds like how I would feel about both other games as well.


I had a quick go on bomber crew and I like what I see. A word to the wise with the FTL comparison though. It seems one of the core gameplay mechanics forces you to execute orders in real time, albeit with a slo mo mode you can use for a score penalty. That might be a deal breaker for any real-time turn based die hard. I’ve only done 2 missions after the tutorial, so all of the above might be wrong, but I feel that’s the way the game is going.


Thanks for feedback. I suppose I should play to complete the four rpgs I have on my 3ds first, which will essentially scratch that itch.

2 x SMT games
Bravely second
Fire emblem fates conquest

I want to find something I can play on the switch on TV that kids can also watch. Otherwise my gaming time is greatly impacted


Well, that could be a problem. I don’t know about the cartoon violence in Octopath, but Valkyria Chronicles has guns and tanks. It is highly stylized with visual cues like “Ratatata”, “bang” and “boom” written out like in really old comics but nonetheless depicts war. I cannot comment on the impact that can have since it stylized. Octopath has “monsters” in it so…difficult question.

If I had to rate them I believe Disgaea is the least graphic of the three. It has “monsters” in it as well but they are of the cutesy brigade most of the times. And the jokes are mostly infantile and kids friendly…well when Etna’s bust size isn’t mentioned at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I probably agree with @Private_Prinny’s assessment. I still try to avoid any kind of shooting with my kids around, and even though Valkyria is very mild and the violence is styalized, it is clear that you are aiming a gun and firing at someone. I have no issues playing Octopath around my kids because they can’t read the risqué parts (one character is a prostitute of sorts and her story can be seedy) Andy the gameplay istelf is so slow that they quickly grow bored and don’t want to watch. I don’t play Disgaea anymore, but one thing to consider is scantily clad demon women. Other than that it is a pretty safe game, from what I recall.

Edit: The Pokémon games are super family-friendly, your kids will enjoy watching you play, and as a bonus you play one-handed so they work great while drinking coffee. The Let’s Go series lacks a lot of the depth of the mainline games and there are some problems with it, but there is still fun to be had.