Stately Switch Games


It is great! I will likely tire of it too, primarily because I don’t have and big Smash get togethers like in college and I have yet to play online. But seriously, it’s pretty awesome.


Yeah, great as it is it will be even better when I can eventually play with another human. I remember with Melee and Brawl my group of friends would just play a bunch of matches with random character selection until we played them all. Probably not going to do that with this one, would take hours and hours.


We were the exact opposite. Each of us had a main and a secondary, more or less, and it was almost taboo to use someone else’s fighter. This was back in the days of the original, so there were only a dozen characters or so. It was a fun way to do it, though, because you’d get so mad at specific characters for the specific things they’d do. It was almost as if the fighters themselves became your nemeses.


Do any of you Diablo players play hardcore? I never touched it in D2, but now it is the only way I can play.


Well yes, I failed at it at D2 and did it for one season way back in whenever in D3. But no - too bad for my blood pressure, my wonky internet access and…well lazy playstyle. I am not an adrenalin junkie…nope not at all.

I get Roguelike games but hardcore for purists? Nope! NEVER! hides Fire Emblem collection behind back


I think roguelikes are cool, but for me it was more because they were turn-based dungeon crawlers with procedurally-generated dungeons, rather than the permadeath, of which I was never a fan. I was slow to the Action RPG transition, but the original Diablo won me over.

For me, I have never felt the attraction of permadeath, but I can appreciate that some enjoy the challenge and the different style of play to pull it off. I’m not a good enough player to pull off a “win” at a permadeath game. :thinking:


I avoid permadeath in almost all other instances. I don’t know what it it about Diablo that is different for me, because believe me, I despise losing characters in any other game.


After watching some of this and other trailers, I preordered Wargroove. Looking at the multiplayer options and the full crossplay (with everything but PS4 because Sony), it makes me petty excited.

And the creation tools, and and and…

Yeah. I’ll stop gushing.


Cool, I look forward to hearing more about Wargroove. It looks interesting, however I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’m not a big fan of the pixel art style that is so popular. :neutral_face:

I’m considering pulling the trigger on Swords & Soldiers that was a surprise release this week for the Switch, that’s been out for years on other platforms. The sequel is out now on other platforms, with a Switch launch date of March 1st for it. My man Shaun Musgrave gives this one his coveted “SwitchArcade Recommended!” designation, says “This is a great version of the game” (I gather the 3DS version was not) and as for the sequel “but I actually like this one better.” My reliable Switch resource, Nintendo Life, gave it a great “it’s an essential download” review when it came out on WiiWare. :thinking:

I’m more turn-based than real-time, but I do want to selectively flesh out my Switch library with good options for different genres. My backlog is growing, however, and for upcoming 2019 releases I’m looking at SteamWorld Quest, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and possibly Yoshi’s Crafted World already. Plus, after the enjoyment I got from SteamWorld Dig, SteamWorld Dig 2 is on my must buy list, too. :sunglasses:


Why embarrassed? Pixel art has admittedly been done a lot, and it’s not for everyone. I tend to like Pixel Art a bit more because it seems to last longer - unlike 3D models.

My backlog is also a big bigger than I’d like, but there is so much that’s good on the platform, and the form factor fits me really well. With the mobile market getting worse, all I can hope for is more strategy and tactics style games in Switch to fill that hole that I seem to be missing elsewhere.


Picked up Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario U over the weekend. Can confirm that I am as bad as suspected at Smash Bros, and Super Mario U is a nice dose of nostalgia wrapped up in 2019 clothes. May see how the kids fare with Mario U this weekend, as two of the characters can’t die and may make for less frustration on their (read: my) part.


Just preordered it myself. Really looking forward to it.


I wish Switch games were not so terribly expensive. This reminds me why I had not bought a Nintendo console in twenty years.


Thats entirely on the developer/publisher. Some games are the same price, but most of the time it seems like people have cranked it up about 10-20%.


I don’t actually mind the increase in price. It’s nice to see Game Devs making enough money to live on without having to burn through making games at an unreasonable pace, or straight up burning out and not making more games.


IGN seems to quite like Wargroove.

It is interesting that this seems to be piquing everyone’s interest; War Bits did a similar thing - revitalizing Advance Wars - on iOS and the buzz for that seemed to fizzle out very quickly.


I don’t remember there being any single player content in War Bits besides the couple tutorial levels, and it seemed like they just took Advanced Wars scrapped the generals, and added more units (half of which you’d never use as they were only effective against one other unit). At least that was why I gave up on it after a weekend. Also didn’t help that it never released on Android, so I could only play it on my iPad at home.


Warbits had a really long single player campaign. There just wasn’t anything to the game. All the factions were the same.

EDIT: Also - Wargroove Creation Tools


Ah, I must have either completed it and forgotten about it, or jumped straight into the multiplayer before losing interest while waiting for the ill-fated Android release.


I would like to see this information on Switch sales further clarified, I’m most interested in new releases on multiple platforms simultaneously. It was interesting to see only PC was listed by more devs as one of “which platforms interest them the most”, than the Switch.
Game Developer Survey Shows That Nearly Half Of Devs Are Most Interested In The Switch


As far as digital sales, I’m sad about yesterday’s shutdown of the Wii online shop. I’ve got old consoles and physical media still available that are older than the online shop was around, the GamesDoneQuick charity stream plays many older titles. I wonder how it was decided that 12 years was long enough (they stopped selling from it last year in March 2018, so a little over 11 years for purchases). Their digital support was better than Apple’s more transitory app store approach, but still.