Stately Switch Games


It’s not precision (I am nowhere near good enough at Smash for that to matter), it’s that it keeps thinking the Joycons are unplugged.


Haven’t experienced that issue - have you tried re-linking them? There’s a controller button on the main menu that allows you to click the two top buttons, that resyncs how it sees them…


I will try that. I slide them in and out but it has little effect. Maybe I should relink them.


Strange - almost every time I take them off or put them back on it asks me to sync them


I’ve not had those issues.


Anyone play this one - - yet? Getting high regard; a platformer where her dress changes shape to give different abilities… Looks very pretty too.


I’ve also had it highly recommended from multiple sources, so I’ve got it on my wishlist.


I guess I should specify. I will be playing and the match will pause and say to reconnect the controller. This sometimes happens four or five times a fight. Or it may happen zero times. It never seems to occur outside of Smash unless I just woke it up from sleep mode.


Huh, that’s weird. No experience with Smash; hasn’t happened to me in Diablo at all.


Mine as well - if I can tear myself away from Diablo 3 I’ll grab it and post some impressions.


I’m eagerly looking forward to the Diablo III Season 16 starting on January 18th! I have the Seeker of Light class set on my PC Diablo III account, looking forward to getting it for the Crusader on my Switch account! :sunglasses:

Plus, who doesn’t need butterfly wings? :grin:


The hardcore monk I’m going to create will look magnificent in those…


Just got a copy of Diablo III from a co-worker to see if I’d want to buy it. I’m guessing all the season stuff doesn’t work if you don’t have Nintendo Online though.


Seasons do work without their online service.


Let me clarify my last post:

You do not need to have the Nintendo online service to play a season character. You do, however, need to have access to the internet to create and play a season character. I’ve got a season character that I am unable to play when I am out and about and away from an internet connection. I can play a non-season character at any time, though. It seems there is just a quick check with the server to verify the season status or something.


Just started playing it last night. Not far at all, but it is beautiful. Reminds me of the Tomm Moore animated movies, which is high praise considering they’re some of my favorites.

I don’t quite understand what I’m trying to do…it’s very basic (up, down, left, right, jump) and I’m finding little stars that help make bridges, but I don’t know if I’m missing things along the way or if I’m just supposed to keep trudging forward. As of yet, there isn’t any real story…I don’t know who I am, where I am, or why I’m doing the things I’m doing.

That said, it’s pretty enough that I’m going to keep playing.

(I’m playing it on my mac, not Switch, btw. My Switch has been missing since mid-December. We can’t find it anywhere. I’m sure one of my kids took it without asking, but we’ve been looking and don’t know where it is. Very frustrating…)


Oh, man, sorry to hear you’re missing some tech. That would drive me crazy!


It is…how I wish Switch had a “find my Switch” feature like the iPhone…Even just the ability to make it make sounds to locate it remotely would be nice. I use the app on my phone to track my son’s usage and set restrictions. Adding a “make your switch beep” button would be cool.


I’ve got a GPS locator attached to a drone that I fly occasionally in case I lose it. Sometimes I want to stick one on my phone, and Switch, and car keys, and wife.


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is coming to Switch in April. I actually don’t know a ton about the series, but I do know that it is some sort of action RPG. What I do know, though, is that it has a multiplayer system that I wish more games had (also, Nintendo’s online service is not required). Essentially, Dragon’s Dogma has a way of making an asynchronous action RPG. You may take NPCs called Pawns into the game with you, but what is cool about this is that you may upload your character so that a friend may download it as a pawn. At least, that is how I’ve been led to believe it works.

Just imagine if in Diablo 3, you could upload a friend’s character as your NPC companion. That would be so cool and a great way to “play” with a buddy who you just can’t find the time to get into a live game with.