Stately Switch Games


Uh… no one told me you could play classic Mario Bros. on this. Look out, Target - I’ll see you tomorrow. #instabuy


Super Mario Bros U deluxe is coming out in 1-2 weeks if I’m not wrong.


Red / blue joycons since that’s all they had left. Diablo 3, Breath of the Wild, and Just Dance 2019 downloading now. (Had to get something for the kids too)

Burns me a little bit that they only give you one charger - wish I’d have known when I was in the store. First world problems and all.


I bought a charging dock that charges 4 Joy Cons at once. These things hold power for a long time but it is always nice to have some in reserve.


I’d like to leave the dock plugged into the tv, and have a charger at the bedside to plug into as well… ended up ordering one on Amazon.

Bit of sticker shock on the game prices compared to iOS, but such is life. Certainly curtails the impulse buys lol!

ETA - is Civ VI on switch the same version as iOS? Or does it have rise and fall?


Do joycons ever discharge?
I played like 9 hours one day and they were still fine.
I usually put them back on the Switch sides for the night but I never thought them going out of battery was a problem (portable Switch can be…can’t handle more than 4 hours straight of Warframe or even Zelda).

Congrats for the new device @js619 I’m pretty positive you won’t regret it.


I saw somewhere on Nintendo’s site that they’re rated for 20 hours of gameplay. Haven’t had mine long enough to test that …


I feel like I have to switch out my PS4 controllers daily, and I barely play it. I’ve had Switch since launch and I remember one time when I got a low battery warning.


Heads-up: If you’re looking at the Super Mario Bros. in the eShop, that’s (probably) not the one you want, since it’s the arcade release. You can play the original game (and a bunch of other NES games) by subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online for $20/year.


Thanks - subscribed last night but Diablo took up my time haha


There’s a decent sale at the moment:
Notably, for our purposes, Civ IV is discounted! Personally, I think I like it fine on my iPad, but I know lots of folks were looking forward to this. Other notables include Mario Kart 8, Golf Story, Hyrule Warriors, ARMS, Starlink, Octopath Traveler, Carcassonne, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Mario + Rabbids gold.


I’m officially obsessed. Just ordered these -


Still no Switch myself but THAT looks like to be a pain to use in handheld mode


All the Fire Emblem fighters and spirits in Smash Bros. have me very impatient for the Switch Fire Emblem game…


Better than using the ones that come with the Switch itself, I think - they don’t have a dedicated start or select button and the classic games haven’t been programmed to use the new joycons. Plus, nostalgia.

eta: just saw a video and they’re actually larger than the joycons


I’m terrible at platform games, but watching the GamesDoneQuick ( charity stream has gotten me leaning heavily towards purchasing the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe that releases later this week for the Switch! :sunglasses:

Has anyone played it on Wii? I see it comes with an extra $3 credit if the digital version is bought before release on Nintendo’s digital store. I picked up Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap to give me a platformer for the Switch, but it’s Mario Bros. … I’ve never beaten a Mario platformer, but it’s Mario Bros. on the Switch …


I haven’t played it, but I’m getting it. I’m no platformer aficionado and I don’t like those that are overly-difficult, but it is hard to beat a good Mario game.


Anyone else have problems when playing Smash in portable mode? It seems to not recognize the Joycons an awful lot. It’s not a used system, either.


Portable as in mobile with joycons attached or detached? I mostly play with joycons attached and the game isn’t nearly as precise as on the big screen. I’d put it down to being able to see less on the smaller screen, or perhaps the frame rate. I hadn’t considered there might be a control input issue


I haven’t noticed any problems playing undocked with the joycons attatched. I only play World of Light that way, though, so maybe I’m not noticing lack of precision.