Stately Switch Games


As a recent Switch owner I’m late to the party but Breath of the Wild is simply out of this world.
Watching my son playing is painful tough (he just made to the first colossus)…he MUST fight EVERY boblin camp, he much check EVERY blade of grass, he must try EVERY horse…he will complete it by 2040.


I’m a usually a completionost but BotW is just too vast. I started out exploring pretty thoroughly but then came to the realization that fining every last secret is a fool’s errand. Absolutely amazing game, though.


You guys are killing me… the switch is in my Amazon cart. Threw it casually past my wife and got the “you’re an idiot and I don’t understand why you need another device to play games on but do what you want” face.


I heard an ad on the radio where some jeweler (Helzburg, maybe) was giving away a free Switch with a significant jewelry purchase. Sounds like the perfect solution to your problem!


As mentioned over in another thread, I was in agreement with @Tof’s comment on the fear of Civ VI on the iPad consuming his opportunity to explore other games, as the same reason that I was avoiding putting Civ VI on the Switch as an entry on my short list for initial Christmas holiday Switch game acquisitions.

However, seeing it is now on sale in the Nintendo digital store, I’ve now pulled the trigger on Switch Civ VI. :sunglasses:


Just googled it lol… only ran through the 24th. But worse, it necessitated a $1200 purchase.

She got a Tiffany diamond and pink sapphire ring for her 40th / 10 year anniversary in July - the jewelry ship has sailed, my friends, sailed off at full speed.


LOL at the jewelry thing.
We are bad persons.

I just sent my son to do some extra Xmas homeworks, so I can continue Hollow Knight on his Switch.


Getting the Switch was one of the best decisions I made, it’s what I thought it would have been the iPhone plus Apple TV years ago for some genres.

Currently playing Hollow Knight, Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart Deluxe with friends.

Long list of to buy games (a TON currently on sale too, mostly Metroidvanias) but I am super satisfied with these at the moment.
I can see my iOS devices will be strictly card and tbs games from now on.
I’m tempted by Into the Breach but I still think I would much prefer it on my iPhone.

I need a second Switch tough.


haha, the joys of parenthood!

If you have it docked and have more than one controller, can two people play a mp game like that?

And, the all important question… what color joycons??? The classic red and blue? Manly and subdued grey?


The Switch comes with 2 Joy-Cons so basically you have multiplayer out of the box (docked on tv or stand alone, doesn’t matter).

Personally I got the red/blue ones…blu is my son’s and red is mine.


When I preordered a Switch I requested black Joy-Cons, but there was an extra red/blue on launch day so I switched, since it seemed more popular. I regretted my decision as the grey make it look less like a toy and more manly. I’ve since gotten a grey pair, the yellow pair, and the green/pink pair and use black exclusively. My kids enjoy the colors, though.


Ah, didn’t realize that each joycon could function separately - I assumed they had to go together on that dock type thing they sell, or buy a separate controller


Yeah you can basically enter a shop and buy a Switch and let’s say Mario Kart or even Diablo I think and play multiplayer right in the car 1 minute later.

It’s actually brilliant.


On top of that, the single Joy-Con setup is great for little ones since they are fairly simple controls.


Granted, Joy Cons by themselves are probably not ideal for most adults in most games. While I can technically play Diablo with a single Joy Con, I wouldn’t want to unless I was showing off what the Switch can do.


Mario and Rabbids is a great turn based tactical squad game in the same vein as xcom. It surprisingly has a good amount of depth to the combat systems.


Our Switch is mostly for family gaming, so Overcooked, Katamari Damacy and Donut Country are the big names around here. I really want to play some of the Metroidvanias (Hollow Knight, Axiom Verge, Sundered), but there’s both the reflex issue and the time commitment (exacerbated by my lack of skill). I remember unlocking everything in SotN, including every rare drop, but I was in my first year at Uni back then, and I didn’t party so…


We are the same, we only have Mario Kart, Just Dance and Pokken tournament, as we only use the Switch for family time. Oh, we have Jackbox 4 also that we have used for a few dinner parties.


I got the neon joycons so the kids could argue about which colour they wanted to be, despite the controllers being functionally the same. I particularly enjoy my kid having a tantrum because they want the player 1 controller, while I’m trying to set up a complicated game for us both to play


Ha! I considered the pink and green ones but decided against them for this very reason.


Another reason to only have 1 child. I don’t care if she has the red or blue controller.