Stately Switch Games


I really want to give it a go, but I have a feeling my sausage fingers will prevent me from doing anything other than cursing and throwing my switch into a drawer, never to be seen again.

Anything more complicated than this, and my fingers need not apply.

EDIT: I have heard, however, that it makes for a good party style game? How many people can battle at once? is this something I could load on the TV and my kids and I could all sit together and play at once?


It is the ultimate party-style game. I can’t verify right now, but the game plays at least 4 and may go up to 8 locally. On top of that, the controls actually aren’t too much more complicated than that NES controller you just showed. Simply put, you have a jump mapped to two buttons, then A and B are attacks. The type of attack differs depending on the direction you press. Shoulder buttons grab and shield. That’s it, though there is a ton more complexity when it comes to knowing what moves to use when.


Will pick it up and play with kids this weekend, then! Thanks!


It’s so good. I think the World of Light is a bit janky with some of the rulesets it uses, but overall it’s so good.

So good.


I’m considering a Switch for Christmas with the following, unless folks recommend against them:

  • Diablo III
  • Battle Chasers: Nightwar
  • Okami HD


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is coming exclusively to Switch.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, think Diablo but in the Marvel Universe. The RPG elements are a little less but the Marvel fan service is cranked up to 11. The X-Men Legends games that started he series were the best, and Ultimate Alliance 1&2 had a few issues, but I can’t deny that I had a blast taking a roster of my favorite Marvel superheroes into a fight and putting points into their skill trees.


If it has Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, Hellcat, and Gwenpool, I think my daughter will be all over it.

For myself, all I ask is Brain Drain.


I don’t know if you like pinball at all, but Zen has a table with all those super heroines. It was a fun table, but squirrel girl’s voice did grate on me.


My long dormant Smash Bros. muscle memory is starting to come back and Ultimate is becoming more and more addicting. World of Light is a nice dose of digital crack with all the unlocks. Seriously, every fight is an unlock. Then you back out to the main menu and unlock another fighter! Oh, man, I think the game has its hooks in me…


All three of my Christmas Switch games on my short list are now on sale in the Nintendo digital store, picked them up. Action RPG, turn-based combat RPG, action-adventure genres covered. :+1:

Also added “Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap” as a platformer, the “beautiful, hand-drawn animations” do look great, and the “3 difficulty levels catering to players of all types” makes me hopeful that even a rubbish platformer like myself can enjoy it and finish it, evidently it’s a shorter one.


While I have not played any of these on the actual Switch, I love D3 on Mac, no idea how it plays on console.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar though should be great on console, as keyboard and mouse were not good, so I am about half way through it and am playing with the Steam Controller, which is way better.


Diablo 3 is actually better on console. I had my doubts until I actually played it, but console is better than PC and the Switch is the king of them all.


Can you play D3 couch co-op with just the 2 joycons?


That I don’t know.


Polygon says you can, and mentions the work around required for playing with just one joy con


Diablo 3 is the main reason I want a Switch…


I can understand!

The recent BlizzCon announcement of Blizzard taking the Diablo IP to mobile phones and tablets by outsourcing to NetEase, and refusing to discuss their monetization plans for Diablo Immortal during what was positioned by them as the major announcement of BlizzCon, has me thinking that the Switch will be the portable home of premium Diablo, not phones or tablets. Which helped push me to getting a Switch this Christmas.

I understand NetEase doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to mobile game monetization, and the fact that Bobby Kotick had Activision-Blizzard spend $5.9 billion for King just seems to support that Blizard mobile games are likely to see Candy Crush style monetization. While I can see Blizzard devs not wanting to design a game to empty my wallet rather than provide quality entertainment for one premium price, outsourcing the IP to NetEase makes me uneasy (no pun intended). In fairness to Bobby Kotick and Activision-Blizzard, Nintendo seems to also be now following the same strategy as so many other developers … premium games on the Switch, FTP monetization on phones & tablets. :cry:

To end on a positive note, I will say that as a recent convert to Switch, and looking to learn more about it, I’ve enjoyed Shaun Musgrave’s articles over on TouchArcade. I’ve always enjoyed his RPG Reload, JRPG, and Tokyo Game Show coverage, now I appreciate his Switch coverage of sales and new releases. A good example of his honest and educated opinion can be found in his blurb on the new release of Chronus Arc in one of his recent SwitchArcade Round-Up:

Nope. Non . Nyet . Nein . Iie . There are only a couple of Kemco RPGs I would pay more than a tenner for, and this isn’t one of them. Never mind the cost. There are so many good RPGs you could be playing on your Switch that you shouldn’t ever have to resort to games that I’ve generously referred to as the “convenience store cheeseburgers of JRPGs". This one isn’t terrible as Kemco RPGs go, and it may in fact be one of the better ones from developer Hit-Point. But that’s not the point. You can get Cosmic Star Heroine for two dollars more than this. Go ahead, treat yourself.


I know I’m not helping but last month I bought a Switch, officially for my son birthday, and I never made a better decision (to the point I’m seriously considering a second one, because separating my son from Fortnite is almost impossible…but I’m not ready for divorce).

Currently playing the hell out of Hollow Knight when my preciousssss is all mine.
Warframe is pretty awesome too, especially after you leave earth.
I have an IMMENSE ‘to buy’ list…
I have insider news that Santa may or may not bring Breath of the Wild too.

Can’t wait.


I’ve heard great things about Hollow Knight, but I’m rubbish at platformers, so reading it described as “ruthlessly tough, even occasionally unfair”, " ’ ‘so frustratingly hard that I cannot recommend this game’ angrily scrawled in [his] notes’—but ‘it eventually clicked’ ", challenging and difficult fights, had me reluctantly acknowledge it’s not a good fit for me.


Hollow Knight is a truly awesome Metroidvania but, while not frustrating so far (10 hours in) I can’t say it’s an easy game.
It’s MASSIVE too.