Stately Switch Games


Mmmmm…Smash. Can’t wait!

For what it’s worth, I have yet to feel OP in dwad Cells. I did have one amazing sword and seemed to be breezing though a run but then an elite on the ramparts teleported right to me and beat me down fast.

I do like this game better than Rogue Legacy though.


First run: Lucky elites was what did part of it. I also unlocked the Explosive Crossbow and got a legendary version (rank V+ at the end) which was stupidly OP. I also managed Wolf Trap and Double Cross-o-matic (both IV+). Mutations were YOLO until the last boss, then Efficiency, Dead Again (+30% HP) and Sadism (+DPS when next to someone on fire, poisoned or frozen). My melee weapon was a legendary Twin Dagger V+. Stats: 24 Tactics, 12 Brutality and 2 Survival. It was obnoxious.

The second run I managed to hit Toxic Sewers -> Ancient -> Boss -> Slumbering Sanc -> Clock -> Final boss. Elites in Toxic Sewers dropped 2 legendries, Broadsword and Firebrands. After that it was a cake walk.

I also like this game better than Rogue Legacy, but after those 2 runs and really seeing the difference in weapon tiers, it’s hard to go back


Diablo 3. Absolutely awesome. I’ve got probably 20 characters at level 70 across PC and PS4 and I’ve been playing on and off since day 1, so the game isn’t exactly new to me, but having it in my hands on the go is excellent. I have minor quibbles with character growth (I still prefer the Diablo 2 version where you pick stats and skills to build your character in a specific way), but after getting though some growing pains I still think Diablo 3 is the pinnacle of action RPGs. I just created a Witch Doctor to test it out really quick, but once I have a little more time I am going to really consider who I want my first run to be as. Likely a necromancer because I’ve only played one once. And hardcore only.


I didn’t realize it was out already. Had 11/16 in my head, but realize that’s when Civ VI comes to Switch.


The Smash direct was pretty amazing, I’m super pumped for it. All of the modes look interesting and look like they add onto the game appropriately.

Here’s the full official poster from Nintendo:


I just wish it had a decent sized roster…


A reminder with Diablo 3: Make sure you go into the options menu and enable elective mode. This lets you assign any ability to any button. The default is frustrating.


I’m not a Nintendo guy and don’t follow fighting games (which is what I assume Smash Bros. is from watching my kids play it back on the Wii) so I don’t know if this is sarcasm or an actual rip on the game.


Sorry, sarcasm. I probably should have indicated it better. The roster looks enormous. I cannot wait for this game!


No, I’m sure that I’m the only one who didn’t grasp it. Just not in my wheelhouse, but seems to be the most anticipated thing for Switch ever.

Can anyone fill me in on the “why” that is? I mean, isn’t it just a fighting game? Is it just because of the Nintendo characters? What am I missing, and is there any reason for me to get excited from a single-player perspective?


A lot of my love for the game is nostalgia. We played so much Smash Bros in college it isn’t funny.

There are a number of factors that go into what makes the game great. Yes, it is a fighting game, but there are differences between this and your “typical” fighting games like Street Fighter. For starters, inputs are simple; you don’t need to remember your charge moves, circle moves, etc., you just press one of the two attack buttons with a direction. Further, instead of reducing your opponents’ life, you are increasing a meter with every hit. As your meter goes higher, you will fly further and further off the stage until you either can’t make it back, or are just smashed completely off the screen.

Stages aren’t your typical flat 2d stages, either. Each has its own layout with multiple ledges and areas. There is a lot of verticality to the game as well. There are items galore that assist you in battle and when some of the good ones show up, it can be a mad scramble or melee just to be the one to get the item.

So while the game is a fighter, it is as much a crazy party game that just about anyone can pick up and play. There is certainly skill involved, but it is a fun-for-all kind of game.

Plus, you can pick Kirby and drive your roommates into a blind rage just for picking Kirby…


Heh. This is going to be one that I compete in most likely. I like the majority of the changes I’ve seen thus far, and it looks like Sakuari is finally focused on the fact that you can have a game that is both competitive and party/fun in the same game.

I also love the roster that they have going. The whole direct was solid - especially with the initially limited roster. It’ll make it a lot easier for new players to get acclimated to the game without the initial roster overwhelm.


I expect smash bros to be under the tree for my boy at Xmas. If it’s anything like the GameCube version then there should be loads of single player content, adventure modes, platforming, collecting stuff. I’ll have to check with this one. Also you used to be able to button mash your way through smash bros and still pull off flashy moves. It’s timing those moves for maximum effect that takes skill. My boy doesn’t have that yet so he will button mash and the screen will still look exciting.


And don’t forget that for the littler ones who don’t have much dexterity, you can play team modes.


I have discovered a really big flaw with Diablo 3.

Now that I can watch TV and play D3 at the same time, keeping my hardcore heroes alive has become a bit more difficult as I am easily distracted…


Another Diablo 3 warning. I hadn’t considered this, but season characters require an internet connection. It makes sense and I’m not mad about the requirement, but since I didn’t consider it I’m out and about right now and unable to play the characters I have been putting time in to.

Non-season characters have no such requirement.


From what I understand you have to have an internet connection for the initial creation and then you can go offline - that’s unsubstantiated, and I don’t have D3 to test it out.


I’m offline right now and what it is telling me is that season characters are unavailable as long as there is no connection to the server. Again, it makes perfect sense, just a bit of an oversight on my part. I just created a non-season character for offline play.


I’m playing through Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu. I’ve got a profile for myself and a profile for my son. I could go on and on as to why Pokémon is one of my favorite series ever but I’m more excited that my son gets to experience it for the first time.

The game itself is definitely a stripped back version of the most basic of Pokémon games, but underneath the saccharine exterior there are still more stats than baseball, so I’m enjoying it. I’d much rather have a “main line” game, and there is a vocal minority out there trashing this version for not being exactly what they want, but this is fun nonetheless.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate is out!

And I am horrific!

This is not a knock against the game, it it isn’t the Smash Bros. I remember and was quite good at from nearly two decades ago. I’ve avoided spoiling anything for myself so I don’t know all that is packed into the game but there are so many modes and fighters that I am very overwhelmed. My fingers also don’t work like they used to apparently because the very first thing I did was jump right off the stage two times in a row. I’m using two Joy-cons in the grip and am already thinking that I might look at a new controller, not because this setup doesn’t work but because I’m much more used to different configurations.

Again, those aren’t complaints, just observations. This game looks ridiculously packed to the brim and excellent.