Stately Switch Games

Focus on the forge after the first boss. It increases the item quality of the drops. Recommended way to do it is to get it maxed for 0BC, then just do runs to Max it in 1BC before trying to complete 1BC.


Have it maxed on 0, just a matter of beating the concierge on BC1 lol

I’m so bad I didn’t realize there was a first boss.


Just found this Deals site for Switch games on Reddit:

Good stuff!


PSA: If there’s any Switch game you’ve ever wanted, it’s probably on sale right now. Signed up for that deals site Kenn mentioned a few days ago and got about 20 emails today. I think most deals run through 1/2, so feel free to wait and see if Santa delivers you a Nintendo gift card.


I tried browsing the shop but there’s simply too much crap to dig through. I’ll come back when I can think of specific titles.

I picked up Diablo 3, but from ebay and for $19 + SH, so like $25. I have played the hell out of on PC so really wanted to see what it was like on the Switch. Really cool so far. I am enjoying it. Playing Crusader for first pass through.


It is sooooooo good!


Grabbed Divinity Original Sin 2 for the long winter months. Looks deep, and will be a nice change from the actiony type games I’ve been playing off and on lately.

Last party based RPG I worked through was Wastelands 2, and I really enjoyed it so I have high hopes for Divinity.


It is great.

Best way to play it imho!

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Close. Docked visuals aren’t quite as good as PS4 and look slightly blurry on my TV, but it I had to choose only 1 version, it would definitely be Switch.

If it is the one you would choose, wouldn’t that make it the best version?

With the Switch, it’s sometimes just the most convenient version. Not necessarily the best, but the one you actually play.


Exactly. I’ll take portability over graphics in almost every case.


I had a really miserable moment this week upon checking my PS4 and finding via the date on the save files that I hadn’t touched most games since February. I literally have a shelf of unplayed games.

Sometimes I remember fondly the days when it would take me a year to save up for an $80 NES cartridge. In those days you only had a handful of games on a single platform and you played them to death. There was no such thing as a backlog.


Trials Rising is a scream even if I punched my legs black and blue just in the tutorials.

Has anyone played Mutant Year Zero on the Switch? I don’t normally care about graphics but oft the downgrade makes the game overly-blurry then I won’t want to play (see: Witcher 3, which hurt my eyes). At my local GameStop, MYZ is $20 for Switch but only $10 for PS4. Portability is definitely worth the extra $10 if the game doesn’t have technical issues.

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I’m in the same boat with a few titles. Sinking City too.