Stately Switch Games

Strongly considering it as a Christmas gift for my kids. I don’t have high expectations for its longevity, but I figure there’s about a 5% chance someone in the family sticks with it and gets meaningfully more fit as a result. So it’s probably a better expected value of fitness per dollar than a gym membership or other exercise equipment, but not by much.

I do now have some concerns about this purchase.


Surely not the first game to punch consumers in the nuts…


Shut the site down, comment of the year here.


Nuts undamaged after completing the first world (30 minutes or so of gameplay including running between fights, maybe 10-20 of that was doing varied exercise reps in turn based battles against monsters).
Worked up a decent sweat and burned a hundred calories or so, doing various exercises and running in place for about a mile.
This seems pretty great, at least for me, and you can scale the intensity of the exercises at a pace you choose.


I was thinking about it. Probably will pick it up.

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Still satisfied with RFA, and plan to do a 30-60min session every other night, and every weekend day. Has a good pace of unlocking new mechanics like crafting of healing/buff potions (smoothies), and elemental weaknesses in battle. Really good implementations of coordinating the stretches you do afterwards with the exercises you were predominantly doing in the session.

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Steamworld Heist and Dig are so good. I wish Dig could just go on forever.


I liked Dig 2 even more.

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Ape Out has me hooked.

There is a physical edition of Wargroove available on If any of you, like me, would prefer physical games over digital, check Amazon from time to time because there are quite a few games that released on Switch digitally and later had a physical release with absolutely no marketing.

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This is a great tip. I also prefer to have physical copies of games as well, and have found that ebay searches also net some games that I didn’t know were on cartridge. There’s also Limited Run Games, which can be frustrating because their “for sale” windows are rather short, but they do some neat things.

I saw Golf Story for sale at Best Buy under the Limited Run label, so you could always hit the jackpot in store, as well.

A new generation of Pokémon is upon us today. I have always loved the series and from the brief moments I have given sword, I expect to love this one just as much.

If you aren’t aware of the “controversy” around the game, beware the internet trolls. There were 802 Pokémon prior to Sword/Shield and about 75% of them aren’t in the game. That has a very vocal minority quite riled up and they are absolutely savaging the game without having actually played it.

This seems like a great opportunity to point out that there are too many Pokémon. If the series is going to remain accessible, continue to add new Pokémon, and retain its completionism-promoting structure, some of them need to be rotated out.

There, now I’ve contributed my thoughts on a topic on which I am woefully underinformed and about which I care very little indeed. I feel like a true internet person!

In other news, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is pretty good. I’m kind of surprised at the recurring moments in which the game seems to want to pull the rug out from under your progress, loss aversion being a well-known psychological effect. My admiration for their willingness to do this exceeds my own loss aversion about it, though, so they’re pretty good at their jobs.


It is kind of interesting to consider Pokémon in the same light as a CCG. Card games deal with bloat by having set rotations; Pokémon having regional Pokémon works in the same way.

The thing I like most about Pokémon is collecting. I try to breed all the monsters I can and I love filling up the Pokédex. My Pokémon dream would be to have one cart that has every single Pokémon on one save. But that won’t stop me from trying to have every single Pokémon available in any given game on one save. Same enjoyment for me.

Dead Cells just updated to version 1.5, matching the Steam version. No love for iOS though, unfortunately

I played a bunch of Dead Cells when it released on Switch and thought it was an awesome game. I was terrible at it and never beat the final boss.

Then I took 9+ months off and tried to jump back in. That didn’t go so well. I figured it would be better for me to simply wipe all my progress and start over, learning the ins-and-outs all over again.

I’m not great at it either, but I keep coming back to it. I’ve beaten it on vanilla, but can barely make it past the first boss on BC1… def a satisfying game when you do though, and my understanding is that the update balanced things a bit to make it more accessible. Worth another shot imho

Oh, I’ve certainly not abandoned it and I look forward to grinding out every last item/upgrade/etc. at some point. Great game.

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