Stately Switch Games


Nice! It has its claws in me much harder than octopath traveller.

My Nintendo Switch sequence is/was

  1. Octopath Traveller (which I bought in March, hardly played)
  2. Fire emblem (bought in August, up to 30hours on first play through)
  3. Pokémon Shield (out November, but I expect that will be an Xmas gift from family)

Three rpgs in a year… which is still too many!


I unfortunately got sucked back in to FFXIV, which ate up all my time the last few months. I’ve finally beat the newest expansion and hit the level cap, so it is back to Switch games. In addition to Fire Emblem, I also have Ni No Kuni and Dragon Quest XI to play. Pokémon goes straight to the top of the list when it launches. I’m an RPG fan, if it wasn’t already obvious.


Battlestar Galactica :Deadlock is listed on GameFAQs as releasing for Switch tomorrow.


Question for those with motion sickness issues while playing games: Have any of you had issues with Zelda: BotW?

As much as I want to play it, the videos I’ve seen make it appear to be something I could not play without a strong dose of dramamine.


I do not get motion sick regularly, though a few games have given me problems for some inexplicable reason. I may not be a great source for this question, but I can say I had no motion (or eye strain, which can also happen) issues with BotW.


I had no issues with BotW at all.


I am very vulnerable to get motion sickness, but with BotW, no problems at all.

I tend to get it in first person view, almost never in third person view.


No issues for me that I recall, though I only played the starting area.


Knowing me, that’s probably about how far I’ll wind up getting :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks to everyone for their responses! Switch is going to be purchased tonight/tomorrow! You are all terrible, terrible influences. And much appreciated.


Incidentally, I had a city of heroes scrapper named Biff Kablam.


I’ve been playing The Witcher 3. I can’t really believe I’m playing a game of this magnitude while at my kids’ piano lessons…

I have not played the game on any other platform so I can’t compare the graphics, but it is easy to tell where the concessions have been made to get this game to work on the Switch. That ho early doesn’t matter, though, as so far the game is awesome.


Saturday Morning RPG is a buck for whoever is interested. Just bought it myself.


A little more on The Witcher. I docked my Switch and the game looks incredibly rough on my large TV to the point where I barely want to play it docked. Being that I have young kids, the main draw to me was that I could play this one without them watching, so this isn’t a big loss to me but be aware that the game is a borderline eyesore if you want to play docked.


As far as I know and saw on the obligatory digital foundry comparison video they prioritized mobile gampelay over docked gameplay here.
Which makes sense to me, if you play it docked…why not play it on powerful hardware if you want the glory and spectacle on a huge screen.


Sunless Skies and Sunless Sea just announced for Switch, coming first half 2020


Yeah, you are perfectly right. I STILL don’t own a SWITCH yet, but this is still relevant.

Shakedown Hawaii is out on the 3DS (FINALLY!) but if you want it you can get it on Switch (and PS4 or Steam) too.

This game is pure gold. They poke so much fun on coparate culture, fads and tropes of the modern world and I cannot stop laughing. It is especially crazy if looked trough the eyes of the aging protagonist who is still stuck in the 70s and 80s.

Style, music, gameplay, look and feel knocks it out of the park.
Oh and from the makers of the also awesome Retro City Rampage, if you just need another little push…


Anyone else picking up Ring Fit Adventure?

Thought I might try to make a preemptive strike on my ‘Still in post Christmas-dinner 2018 shape’ body before Christmas Dinner 2019.

Hopefully it arrives before the weekend.


I’ve got an entire bin filled with plastic Nintendo junk that I’ve accumulated over the years. I’m a bit interested in the fit, but I am also hesitant to buy more Nintendo peripherals. Let us know what you think!


I’m intrigued by the Ring Fit Adventure, but need to do more research before I can figure out if it’s something I’d actually use … please let us know what you think! :+1:


Will do, I tried it out at a friends place over the weekend and enjoyed it. Seems like it tracked everything properly. Think i’d refrain from having it as a party game and more of a motivator for personal fitness.

It was funny for a small group taking turns while everyone else in the room laughed at the ring-bearer, but don’t think that’s the main selling point, at least for me.