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Tanner Hendrickson review


Huh, I swear I searched here, and only saw the old thread about the actual announcement, which surprised me because I had thought we had more, so put my post in the general Switch thread … in checking, I see that I typed “Gilgamesh” for my search, I guess my brain keeps telling my fingers to ignore the play on words and type “Gilgamesh” instead of “Gilgamech”, I see it is that way in my post, too. :open_mouth:

That is a good review, and perhaps was one of the reasons I didn’t pick it up when it originally came out, I had decided to hold off and work on my backlog … which I’m still behind on my backlog but a $5 sale will tempt me to increase my backlog with a game that’s on my list, and send some money to the devs … which is why they have sales …


So here’s a thing!


It is out!


Hello? To save me going back through three years of posts, what are the best Switch games, please? I’ve got the usual suspects, Zelda, Mario etc, I’m after other stuff. Baba is You and the like. I really don’t want to pay Nintendo prices for games I can buy elsewhere, unless their digital indie stuff is somehow cheap?

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Clueless of the Interwebs.


Fire emblem. Then, in 6 months after you clock up 100 hours, get another game :slight_smile:

Likely Pokémon sword / shield


Gris is fantastic, as is Transistor (if you haven’t played it on other platforms). Dead Cells is a lot of fun, but pretty damn hard. The Switch is the penultimate way to play Diablo III too.You can probably find some stuff on physical that’s been pre-owned?


I badly want Mutant: Year Zero but can’t really justify the cost when it’s so much cheaper elsewhere. Is this still the case with all of the digital games too?


I agree with that statement, personally, I’m bummed that my friends play the D3 Seasons on PC. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m a fan of NintendoLife, they’ve got a nice, recently updated, community generated (“the order here is taken from the user ratings associated with Switch games on this site’s database”) article, “Feature: Best Nintendo Switch Games”. My preferred options are often not the same, such as I’m rubbish at platformers so need one with an easy difficulty option, but I always like seeing what folks are most enjoying.

For me, on Switch I’m working my way thru the SteamWorld games, what with the absence of the SteamWorld Heist DLC ever arriving on iOS it seems to me that Switch is the platform of choice for SteamWorld. Similarly, the iPad version of West of Loathing never got released, so once the DLC arrives on the Switch I’ll grab that there, too. If my friends would pick up a Switch and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, I’d grab it, too. I’ve budgeted in Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Halloween release. :sunglasses:

I’m also a Shaun Musgrave fan, so for Switch sales I get my info from his SwitchArcade Round-Up articles on TouchArcade. Such as the highly regarded Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle just went on sale ($19.79 from $59.99 until 9/10).


For all you Diablo fans out there, next week Torchlight 2 is coming to Switch. I personally think the Torchlight games are the absolute best Diablo clones available, which would make sense since a lot of the Diablo 2 team left Blizzard to work on Torchlight.


Wargroove and Hollow Knight are the only Switch games I have and enjoy that haven’t been mentioned yet.


It’s a port of an old game, but Darksiders is great. It’s a mix of Zelda mechanics, post-Apacolyptic setting, and World of Warcraft graphic design.


Slay the Spire, Slay the Spire, Slay the Spire


Oh, man, West of Loathing has seen so much play in my house. I think my daughter’s played through it three times. DLC will be most welcome when it arrives.


It is awesome. Just finished my first run, will probably do another one soon.


Is Octopath Traveller actually good? I’m a couple of hours in and so far it’s very ho-hum. Is it just a standard JRPG with multiple POV characters?


I got to about that point too. My brother reckons it opens up after a while with some cool class customisation. But yeah, it was a tough slog. Fire emblem is significantly better


It never progresses much past that, in my opinion. As for class customization, you’ll eventually be able to add a secondary class to each character, but I wouldn’t call it particularly deep or exciting.

I liked the game well enough for a while, but eventually lost interest. I think the kicker for me was that even the most basic encounter could take a few minutes.


A new SKU is out for the Switch, in more red packaging, that delivers improved battery life and in some reports a “marginally improved screen”. Guide: Where To Buy The New Nintendo Switch With Better Battery Life And Screen

The differences between the regular Nintendo Switch and this upgraded revision of the console are subtle and all internal. The console’s custom Nvidia Tegra processor has been updated to a more power efficient version that runs at lower voltages and, therefore, lower temperatures. This means that while the case dimensions and most other internal components remain unchanged (including the battery) the CPU/GPU draws less power than the previous model, meaning significantly improved battery life.

Evidently in Japan this is a bigger deal than it is to my situation, I’m not feeling unduly constrained by the battery life in how I use my Switch. :slightly_smiling_face:

As it turns out, the new Switch revision appears to be pretty popular in Japan. Japanese site Ninten-Switch has reported that various Japanese retailers have been selling out of the new model, including Amazon Japan, Rakuten Books, 7-Eleven, Yamada Denki, and Bic Camera. Indeed, taking a quick look on Amazon Japan reveals that it doesn’t expect to be able to ship the revised model for almost a week due to its initial shipments being snapped up by eager customers.

Japanese Stores Are Quickly Selling Out Of The New Nintendo Switch Model


I own a launch Switch but I did just pick up the new model. I haven’t played in handheld so I can’t really comment on the screen or the battery, but I can say that I have yet to see a store that doesn’t have the new SKU in stock.

I don’t think I would have upgraded just for the sake of upgrading, I just wanted two Switches in my family.