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We only have one TV and I have. 4- and 6-year-old; my time with the television is limited and, even though most Switch games are family-friendly, there are some I don’t want my kids to see me playing when I do have the TV to myself. Being able to undock it is a pretty awesome feature for me.


You haven’t lived until you have played the Switch while pooping.


It’s annoying that the only reason I’m thinking about getting the $200 console is for two games that cost me total of $30 together (maybe) on Steam. Being Darkest Dungeon and Slay the Spire.

But alas, devs seem hell bent on NOT releasing their games on Android (even when iOS versions are available) so I may eventually break :stuck_out_tongue:


Dang. That’s all you want? Not Smash, or Ultimate Alliance 3, or anything like that?


Oh, my, is the library great. I love the hardware at this time in my life, but the software is a match for how great the hardware is.


You can play DD and StS over moonlight or steam link app. Requires you leave your home computer on (assuming you have one).

I do this with my MacBook and my iPhone. I leave my MacBook always on but just turn the screen off so it doesn’t burn in.
StS controls well enough with the steam link app. But I actually prefer to use another streaming service, Splashtop, if for darkest dungeon. But also Into The Breach can be played using Splashtop also. Which reminds me; pretty sure you forgot that you want a switch also for Into The Breach.


Dang. That’s all you want? Not Smash, or Ultimate Alliance 3, or anything like that?

Honestly, nope.

You can play DD and StS over moonlight or steam link app. Requires you leave your home computer on (assuming you have one)…

I might have to try that then!

pretty sure you forgot that you want a switch also for Into The Breach.

I actually prefer FTL. Into The Breach got both too repetitive and too easy for me, to be honest :confused:



We’ll be releasing Eight-Minute Empire on Switch at the end of August.

This will be a Complete Edition, meaning all the maps and the Mountains expansion will be included.

The price is $14.99, which, if you add all the content up, leaves you with measly $2 Switch Tax (sorry about that :confused: ) when compared to the App Store or Google Play.

There will also be a pre-purchase option starting at Aug 14th. This come with a 15% discount, but if you don’t like buying games before release, don’t worry, the discount will continue for a week after the release date.

Ta ta!


My library just began lending Switch games, so I’ll be trying some new ones at a fairly rapid pace, though the fact that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 comes out in a day and then Fire Emblems a week later means u less a game is absolutely enthralling, I doubt I’ll put much time in to it. First up are Golf Story and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.


It would never occur to me that this may be a thing lol :smiley:


I’ve been playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The game itself isn’t very good looking and isn’t very deep. Combat is rather simple, there isn’t loot to collect, and there isn’t much strategy to the fights. All that said, the game is fun. If you approach it more like a classic brawler in the Double Dragon sense, where you pick your character and smash your way through a level, it is enjoyable; just don’t look to this one as your next action RPG fix to replace Diablo 3. The comic fan service is huge, if you’re a comic fan.


Bummer. Hoping for more than that. Each entry in the series was a little blander than the one before. Perhaps that continued. How is Deadpool? I was first introduced to him in XML 2 and he only got funnier in each game.


Haven’t gotten Deadpool yet. I’ll let you know when he comes along.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses. So far, so great! SRPGs are one of my favorite genres, though every good one I play just makes me want a true FFT sequel, but that’s a whole other topic. Fire Emblem is a blast thus far.


Wow, someone spilled a whole heaping serving of Persona in my Fire Emblem game…


Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is coming to Switch, for those of you that like your CRPGs.


So, I loved these things back when icewind dale was coming out, with the others. Totally loved, played on high tier combat and felt real satisfaction killing stuff. Still vividly remember clocking Throne of Baal.

Now? I can’t even get past character creation, let alone the hand holding starter zones.

Doesn’t hold the magic for me anymore. Not sure it is the genre, likely just me


Looking forward to PoE! It’s been delayed so many times but even so I probably still won’t have cleared my plate of “big games” I’m in the middle of. Guess I’ll abandon them and jump to the new shiny as usual! :frowning:

If anyone likes racing games, I can recommended Rise: Race The Future quite strongly. For the price (£16) it puts Xenon Racer (£45!) to shame!

Similar concept to Xenon (of futuristic cars) but these are more grounded in “future rally” kind of environments (not so much street / track racing) and drive more “normally”.

Maps are really nicely detailed (but I think there are only 4 with loads of track variations using different routes) and the frame rate holds up well (very smooth but I don’t think it’s 60fps. Doesn’t matter coz it feels totally controllable - in contrast to Xenon). Talking about handheld if it matters. I don’t dock my Switch!

The cars even turn into speed boats when you go onto water sections of some tracks and the handling changes accordingly. You have to turn in early for sharp corners (coz they ‘slip’ more on the water) and it’s quite satisfying when you get a nice close shave to a rock at the apex and make it through without losing too much momentum!

Quite arcadey overall, but there is some feeling of believable weight and an understeer tendency to the cars I’ve unlocked so far, so you do have to brake and think about your lines which is nice.

Looking forward to FIA Truck Racing too but as another AAA priced game, I’m gonna wait for some reviews to see if the AI is convincing enough and performance is smooth enough.


Fully sharing that boat with you


I’m so behind, but had to add SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamesh to my Switch library before it goes off sale, it’s currently $5 off and I’ve always intended to add it to my SteamWorld collection. :sunglasses:

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