Stately Switch Games


So. Much. This.


Calling the plot of Diablo III a ‘story’ might be overselling it… :slight_smile:


It is Titan Quest with Loot-explosions …as well as other explosions…seriously 90% of the time I do not know what is going on screen anymore

It is Borderlands in a Fantasy Setting that takes itself too serious

I played a lot of it and even back when it released to much “hate” by the “hardcore” fans I liked it more than D2. Nowadays it is still a healthy relevant game in its sector, nice means to unwind sometimes and basically a means to see explosions of loot, gore, money and rainbows…a LOT


The one thing I really miss from D2, though, is unique builds. At least back in its prime, before respecs, one character could be vastly and irrevocably different from another of the same class. Now every barbarian, for example, is indistinguishable from every other barbarian except for loot. I miss putting points into stats and skills.

Aside from that, D3 is awesome.


For me, I’m totally hooked on Slay the Spire on Switch, Play it day in and day out. If you don’t know what to go for next, I hardly recommend this. This and Into the Breach.


I’ve been playing the hell out of Slay the Spire on Switch as well. It works great when docked and laying on the couch. Also been playing a lot of Don’t Starve and Cuphead on the Switch which means, for some reason, I’m playing games that force me to fail and make me feel terrible 98% of the time. i’m thinking of writing a post about misery games like these and why the hell i’m playing them, but work is crazy right now and I haven’t had time to put pen to paper for a long time now…


I have been under so much stress from work lately that those games would completely put me over the edge! Great games, though.


I snagged Hollow Knight and Wargroove while they were still on the E3 sale to round out my library for now. Slay the Spire and Into the Breach are definitely on my list … Don’t Starve, not so much. I’ve played enough survival games to know I just don’t like the genre.


That’s the reason I’m thinking of writing something about them…I don’t know why I’m playing them. They simply make me angry and feel like shit, and yet I keep loading them up and dying and dying and dying. Why?

Oh, and throw Hollow Knight in that mix, too.


Oh, great…

I just started Hollow Knight last evening. I love Metroidvanias…


The (admittedly short) amount of time I had to wander around in Hollow Knight without a map definitely started to piss me off. Found one at exactly the right time, thankfully.

I used to love Metroidvanias but haven’t played one in a while. Hope I still enjoy them–I’d hate to break a brand new Switch by throwing it against the wall.


The game is great, but I spent a couple hours and hundreds of deaths trying to beat Hornet which is where the comparison to those other games comes from. Otherwise, it’s not the same deal. It’s just hard.


All this talk about Meteoidvanias reminds me that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night comes out next week, which looks like a spiritual sequel to Symphony of the Night.


Mutant: Year Zero looks like it it releasing imminently on the Switch. This console is just so great!


Never played that one but it looks great! Although… if that can be ported, why can’t XCom2???


I’d just be happy if they could patch Civ VI much less port another game.

Also, I’d have to leave my family if I could play XCOM2 on the Switch.


Is it sacrilege to say that I am a bit underwhelmed by Hollow Knight this far? I’m about 4 hours in and have been doing some exploring after I got my dash ability. I don’t know what, exactly, it is. Maybe the pacing and complete lack of direction? I love Metroidvanias and this has been heralded as the cream of the crop but so far my impression is good, not great.


Oh my. Booted up my Switch after taking a couple of months off and I spy a surprise in the store. A remaster of Red Faction Guerrila, which was perhaps my favorite online game of all time (and pretty fun in single player to boot). That is not a temptation I was prepared to rebuff, and now I find myself pondering a Nintendo Online subscription to see if my Rhino pack skills remain as good as they once were.


A Switch lite has been revealed, which seems to be handheld-only. It comes out in a little over a month for $200. I love that I can dock my Switch, but it’s a neat option for those who don’t care about playing on the Tv.


I have still never played mine undocked. The only reason I ever take it out of the dock is it is easier to put in my password on the screen if I need to.