Stately Switch Games


That’s a tough one. Final Fantasy IX, maybe? There’s a love interest, but you’ll find that in almost every FF game. It’s more subtle in IX, though. If your kids can’t read, though, they won’t get much out of it unless you want to read out loud.

I know it isn’t on Switch, but just as a general response to anyone with the same train of thought, the Kingdom Hearts series is a great one for kids to watch. They won’t understand the story (because it is nonsensical gibberish) but they will enjoy just about everything else about it.


What about Cat Quest?




I was completely unaware of this game, looks good from a quick check, will watch a vid later.

I did end up picking up the Snipper Clips game, I was worried about whether my daughter could manage the fine motor control, but we finished about a dozen puzzles together over the weekend and it is a big hit so far.


Not sure when it would be released on switch, but just saw this pop up in one of my feeds.