Stately Switch Games


That’s a tough one. Final Fantasy IX, maybe? There’s a love interest, but you’ll find that in almost every FF game. It’s more subtle in IX, though. If your kids can’t read, though, they won’t get much out of it unless you want to read out loud.

I know it isn’t on Switch, but just as a general response to anyone with the same train of thought, the Kingdom Hearts series is a great one for kids to watch. They won’t understand the story (because it is nonsensical gibberish) but they will enjoy just about everything else about it.


What about Cat Quest?




I was completely unaware of this game, looks good from a quick check, will watch a vid later.

I did end up picking up the Snipper Clips game, I was worried about whether my daughter could manage the fine motor control, but we finished about a dozen puzzles together over the weekend and it is a big hit so far.


Not sure when it would be released on switch, but just saw this pop up in one of my feeds.


Nintendo certainly didn’t disappoint with E3. There is a Breath of the Wild sequel in the works; there are games that we already knew about like Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, etc., and The Witcher 3 coming to the system is pretty awesome.


What, if anything, do you use for additional storage with your Switch? I’ve got one on the way and am wondering how soon I’ll want to invest in a microSD card, with so many of the games I want to play being digital only.


I added the microSD card almost immediately. While I bought hard copies of the first two games I got, I have only bought digital since.


How big of a card did you get?


This. Bought a 256mb (iirc) almost immediately and just buy everything digitally.

eta: I was right - 256 seemed like a decent amount of storage.


Just grabbed Dead Cells in the Nintendo sale and sorry I waited so long. Having a ton of fun with it so far, although I’m curious how much jumping it will require as it progresses - I’ve never been particularly good and consequently get easily frustrated when platformers demand too much coordinated or tricky jumping…


There are a couple areas with traps but I don’t think it is really a platforming-heavy game. That said, there is a lot of jumping/falling to move to different floors, but it isn’t really precision.


Long as it’s not too twitchy / timing dependent I’m cool with that. Old man reflexes and eyes and all lol…


Well, the jumping isn’t, but it’s definitely a twitchy action game, combat-wise, though there are other play styles where you can set traps or use spells if you’d rather not run straight in, slicing and dicing.


I recently picked up Crypt of the Necrodancer for $4, figuring that, at that price, I was willing to experiment with a rhythm game (historically, not a genre at which I am competent). Turns out, there’s a character class, the bard, which eliminates the rhythm element entirely—it’s just turn-based, with monsters moving after each of your moves just like a Broughlike. I’m still not into playing as any other character much, but as the bard it’s wonderful. Apparently the new Zelda version has this as a gameplay option rather than a character, which sounds wonderful.


I am known to be a royal nitpicker, soooo…

If 256 MB would have been enough I would have been positively stunned…

I may not have a Switch yet, but I ALWAYS went as big capacity as possible, to the detriment of my wallet.
DS,Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4pro, 3DS, PSP, PSV and every Apple device I own(ed).
Only one of the listed devices never saw its storage properly filled up.
I concede the fact that I am a hoarder and could use some serious discipline and restraint, but even so, it all fills up eventually.

Even the luxurious 32 GB on my PSP back then (which were expensive as hell) were full to the limit, but since I converted movies/animes/mangas/books to read/watch on the PSP on the commute (yes back then using the multimedia capabilities of the PSP was a thing for me) it was well-spent money back then.

I believe when I switch systems badummTSSS™ I will go with insane storage capacity as well. Especially since I went more or less digital-only (aside from the occasional collector’s edition)


Wow. My PSP had a 1 gig stick and there is still 85 mega left.


Got my Switch yesterday–Happy Father’s Day to me. Wife picked up Mario + Rabbids when it was on sale on Amazon and basically said, “Feel free to buy another couple of games,” which she’ll probably regret soon.

Scrolling back through this thread, I saw a lot of love for Diablo III. Having never played any of the Diablo games (I wasn’t much of a PC gamer when they came out), can some of you fill me in on what makes it so great so I can figure out if I’d like it? I can read all the reviews and descriptions I want elsewhere, but I actually care what you guys think.


Diablo III is paper dolls for grown men.

Basically, as in similar action RPGs, you play through a story with a chosen character who starts at level 1 and can reach level 70 (with endless stat leveling after). As you play the game, loot will drop from defeated enemies that you can equip to a dozen or so spots and you will level up, acquiring new skills that you may or may not choose to equip and use.

The production value is through the roof as you would expect from Blizzard and the story is…ok. But really, after one run through the game, all anybody cares about is that sweet, sweet loot.

After you’ve beaten the main game, there are bounties you can undertake and dungeons you can run, again, all in pursuit of that loot.

Did I mention the loot?

In all, it is hard to explain, I suppose. I can tell you that I have an almost pavlovian reaction to the lime-green color of a level 70 set piece dropping…


I am the other side of that coin. I beat D3 on the 360 and while it was fun, I found it to be too much of a mindless button-masher compared to the original (I never played 2). The first game was tense and atmospheric, always balancing the desire to explore forward and find cool stuff with the knowledge the twenty seconds after you go forward you might awaken a horde of goatmen to chase you hither and yon while you chuck spells at their heads and try not to die. Diablo 3 is just loud, aggressive, and empty, and the strategy is kill all things all the time and also lootz. It’s Diablo as done by Michael Bay.