Stately Switch Games


The real reason to get NSO is for Tetris 99. River City Ransom is just a bonus.


I finally picked up octopath traveler. About three hours in and still picking up the eight people.

I like it, but it is slow (as all jrpgs at the start). Will be interesting to see how the combat systems develop


I don’t want to be the bringer of bad news, but I sang Octopath Traveller’s praises when I first bought it but it became quite tedious for me to play. I didn’t think the battle system evolved all that much and every single fight took way too long for me.perhaps your experience will be different. I never finished the game; I think I did the first 2-3 chapters for every character.


Thanks :). I managed to knock off bravely default despite the incredibly low key second half of the game


I actually dropped it at the 4th chapters. Just couldn’t do it. No real growth. I loved the music and visuals.

On another note I did pick up FFXII, and the changes to the license boards makes a world of difference.


Is that a good world of difference or a bad world of difference?


Good. The free respecs, double jobs, how the license boards are laid out and so on make for a much better experience.


Do you know if it is different than the PS4 version?

I was one of the seemingly few who loved FFXII the day it released so I wasn’t asking for improvements, but I agree that the license board and dual jobs make it that much better on the PS4.


Exactly! One of the things I like best about RPGs is the growth. Octopath had so much going for it, but lacked a sense of growth. New abilities are generally upgrades of previous abilities; gear never seemed all that special to me, just upgrades of previous gear. On top of that, it went beyond just character growth - the world didn’t seem to grow. Enemies were just harder versions of earlier enemies. This would have been ok if I could have begun to breeze through the fights a bit more, but even a single fight against weaker enemies took a tad too long.


Just a couple. Mainly respects are free and easy so long as you have access to Montblanc. It’s believed that these will be patched in the PS4 and PC versions.


Thats nice, I am …maybe 20% in the PS4 version…but respecs are a thing I always like to fiddle around with…


Grind long enough and you can just fill your boards; respecs don’t matter much after a while with the exception of just a few spaces.


Darksiders. Brilliant game, especially if you like your Zelda with a little apocalypse…


Had my eye on this one. Is it really twitchy?


You can mash buttons like an idiot and do ok. It’s a bit like God of War, combat-wise, if you’ve ever played that. If you’re worried about something that either requires lightning reflexes like Ninja Gaiden, or whatever masochism is behind the Dark Souls games, it isn’t either of those.

The camera is a little janky, especially with the Joy-Cons, but it isn’t a deal breaker. Darksiders II is coming to Switch, too, so if you like the world, you’ll have more available soon. The second is a little less Zelda and a little more God of War with a ton of loot. I haven’t played the third, and I have no idea if it will come to Switch, it I’ve read it is a bit more like the Souls series.


anyone know of a story driven RPG that is 6yo friendly? I was going to try FF X, but my wife said no “love story” elements yet. But my daughter likes watching me play Elder Scrolls Online for the quests, was thinking a full story game on the Switch might be better.


Interested as well!


Friendly to watch or friendly to play? There aren’t many that I think a 6 year old would enjoy playing. To watch…good question. Definitely not FFXII or Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Maybe Tales of Vesperia? I don’t remember for sure. World of Final Fantasy Maxima might work, if you can stomach the chibi design. Are you limiting this question to the Switch?


In on this as well. And nothing too twitchy, mine has trouble with Mario U…


Friendly to watch mostly, but good if she could take control for some stuff, hopefully turnbased combat.
And yeah, was hoping for something on the Switch, since that is the only console we have. On Mac I have a lot of options, but she can’t really control anything with M+KB yet. Controller is easier.