Stately Switch Games


Yes, I peppered my DT stories with snark and was told to tone it down. They basically wanted someone to copy/paste press releases which isn’t my bag.

I signed up for that Dice Tower cache, too, only to realize that no one reads DTN and people only care about shitty videos. (I don’t like DT…does it show?)


LOL only a little bit.

And I do like them a lot, but you’re right: not many people go to the News section (or at least there’s not much buzz about it).

Getting back to the joke, I just imagined trying to lug that thing around to carry your Lacerda games in. :slight_smile:

66 pounds!!!


Curious about why…

I used to listen to DT before the vids when there were still in Korea. Still listened after they moved to Miami and even watched Vasel’s vids, but as it became a business vs. a hobby, I find them more and more insufferable. I’m finding the same thing with Secret Cabal.

Not knocking the fact that you like them (considering they’re going to bring in $350K+ this year via Kickstarter not to mention their other sources of income, I think I might be the only one), but I’m curious as to what you like about them?


I don’t know. I like their personalities (speaking of the podcast more now) and I have fun listening to them. The videos I find interesting as long as it’s a game I’m interested in (so I don’t watch them all).

I don’t watch the “regular” content (Boardgame Breakfast and the like) but the reviews I like. I think even though it is a business more than a hobby now for them, their enthusiasm for games still comes through (at least for me)

My wife and I do watch the “Boring Unboxing Video” series religiously. She gets a kick out of them and I enjoy them too. Though she does have one criticism of Tom that I do have to echo in these videos where he is just opening them before having played them: he does sometimes come down a bit too hard on how a game looks.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to what our “insufferable” level is. For me, they haven’t hit that yet.

As for the Secret Cabal, while I’ve never listened to them, the few joint ones they’ve done with the Dice Tower (GenCon previews and the like) haven’t given me any reason to check them out


I enjoy DT video reviews and am a minor backer for them on Kickstarter … but then I’m a sucker for trying to spread a little bit of love around, it’s depressing sometimes to see the shrinking “quality” on the Internet (IMHO) … I am also a minor Patreon to TouchArcade and I really only go there for Shaun now.

I completely agree that, while I’m not really a video person (I much prefer written info), “The videos I find interesting as long as it’s a game I’m interested in (so I don’t watch them all).” I like that they have coverage on so many that I can get a bit of consistent feel across game reviews. I like Tom’s personality on the videos (I don’t know him, personally, but some of the video reviews that get posted on BGG are a struggle to endure, I never have that problem with Tom’s … well, other than the cringing at the component drop and the hammer smash), and really like when his daughter is on there, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I confess ignorance on Secret Cabal, and I don’t really watch any DT “regular” content or even the unboxing videos.


Since we are completely off topic here, I will add my views: I also enjoy the Dice Tower. I’m not as keen on their reviews (though Tom’s overviews can be a good, though incomplete, way to learn how a game plays) or special shows, but I really enjoy their top-10 and top-100 lists, though that is often just as much about the banter between Tom, Zee, and Sam, which reminds me of my friends and myself, as it is about the games themselves.


Over at IGN they are reporting that a screenshot of a Best Buy internal memo shows Persona 5, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and A Link To The Past are coming for Switch. Obviously that needs to be take with a grain of salt, but that $180 and many, many hours I’m likely going to happily lose.


Does anyone play any of the classic games that come with the online subscription? I have yet to subscribe, and I don’t know that I need to for any online services, but the ever-growing collection of classic games is beginning to tempt me. Am I blinded by nostalgia, or is there fun to be had?


Delved into it briefly with my six year old looking on, and we had a lot of fun with Mario 3 - her because she got to play a (gasp!) video game on “daddy’s game thing” and me for the nostalgia factor and reliving my childhood through her eyes.

I played the ever loving crap out of Tetris 99 before I found myself overwhelmed by those with quicker reflexes than I.

Also, I play a lot of Diablo 3 with friends and am under the impression that you have to have the Online subscription to do so?

All in all, worth the $20, imho.


If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get a 90day free trial to it that will extend up to a whole year somehow (but not sure how yet) by logging into Twitch and connecting your Prime account.


The old games are cool, but there’s a distinct lack of Punch Out! last time I checked.


Punch Out! dropped this month actually.



I might be busy punching King Hippo in his band-aided belly for the foreseeable future…


I would love a Punch Out! remake with the exact same gameplay, but beautiful HD graphics. Throw in a couple dozen more fighters with their own special fighting styles, give Tyson his face tattoos, and keep all the silly racial sterotypes, and I’ll play it until the end of time!


They redid it on Wii, but I didn’t like it nearly as much. Not sure if it was just because I was older and twitch games aren’t my thing anymore or because I’m just used to the tells and patterns from the original.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that…I think I even owned it. Ok, I take back everything I said.

I don’t remember for sure, but did the Wii version use motion controls? That may have been what made it less than the original.


Cuphead on Switch is GLORIOUS.

Hard as nails but GLORIOUS.


I think I know Pitta’s favorite word…


You could use motion controls or turn the controller sideways and do it old school. Just didn’t click the way the original did, though. Nostalgia being the main reason, I’ll assume.


Have kids?
Have a Switch?
Buy Cuphead.

Me and my son didn’t have so much fun playing together since Mario Kart.