Stately Switch Games


That is an interesting article. Their point that Nintendo needs to lower the cost of the Switch to move more units suggests that sales have plateaued, which would make sense given when it was released.

That said I would never buy a console that was digital games-only. It removes any chance of game resale, and at this point, it is certain to make you reliant upon being on their network, if not all the time, then very regularly. And I think media in general is already splintering off into all the big companies having their own channel exclusively hosting their own stuff, to consumers’ detriment.

Imagine a single network that would give you access to any movie, TV show, or game you wanted to experience. One password, one login, one entry point for everything, with a UI that allowed you to filter out all the garbage you don’t want. I think that’s what consumers want and have always wanted. But there are too many lawyers and too much money in the way, so it will never happen.


I see Bomber Crew: American Edition popped up on the eShop today. Dunno if I’m into the quicktime type events, but it might be worth taking for a spin someday. The pricing is a bit of a head scratcher though; regular price (in CAD) is $25.19, the sale price is $20.15, and the price if the base game and the USAAF DLC are purchased separately is $16.31. Am I missing something here?

In other news Golf Story is a bit of a grind. It’s…ok, but the gameplay isn’t that compelling and the writing is just good enough to keep me from speeding through it as quickly as possible. It isn’t a regrettable purchase, especially on sale, but I have a hard time recommending it over going from 650 paragon to 800 in Diablo 3 with the same time investment.


Yeah, this was just about my favorite game too, back in the day. I got around to playing the new one a little last night and tonight, and what it seems to be is the original TJ&E on steroids. Just about everything is a little bigger (e.g., there are more characters you can play as besides ToeJam and Earl), a little better (all the graphics are more detailed, all the Earthlings have been redrawn), a little more complicated (there’s more stuff going on, for instance there are sunflower patches you can hide in, as well as bushes that hide presents and/or Earthlings). It’s fundamentally the same game though, just reimplemented for modern hardware with a lot more detail than before.

So far I’ve only gotten through the tutorial game, so I can’t offer a well-informed review. I have a feeling that they might’ve overdone the adding-complications part, because the levels seem a lot more cluttered than before. But that’s probably just novice bewilderment talking. I’m definitely going to be playing it more.


Oh my…

Somehow, the makers of Crypt of the Necrodancer managed to team up with Nintendo to bring us Cadence of Hyrule. It looks like it plays like Necrodamcer but has sharper graphics and contains many things Zelda, including playable Link and Zelda. I had to watch the trailer in silence but I’m really hoping this has Zelda music as well. Coming “Spring 2019.”


:D:D:D Istanbul: Digital Edition, 28th of March!


I just played Overcooked 2. Brilliant multiplayer game. Easy enough for kids to understand, but absolutely hectic and fun for all ages. The premise is simple; you and your fellow chefs work in a kitchen and must complete the orders that pop up to score points. But therein lies the craziness. To make sushi, for example, you need to boil rice in the pot, chop fish, put both on a plate, add some seaweed, and serve. The ride takes a few seconds to boil, though, and if you leave it too long it will start a fire, which you’ll need to extinguish with a fire extinguisher. You need plates to serve your food, but if they are dirty someone needs to wash them. All this plays out in kitchens with obstacles like conveyor belts, or even physical barriers that you need to pass ingredients and supplies across. Great fun.


My dilemma:

I have a Switch, but it is primarily my switch and the kids get to play it when I supervise them. We are planning a number of long road trips over the next couple years, and now I’m considering getting the kids geared up. They each have a 16GB iPad Air but after I’ve put a couple movies on for them, there is barely enough memory for any games. I was considering either getting a second Switch and hoping they are gentle with mine, or getting each of them a 2DS XL. I know my daughter would love Nintendogs and my son would probably like Mario and Captain Toad. I’m not really sure which way to go; Make it work with the iPads, get a second Swich, or get a pair of 2DSs. Does anyone have any insight or suggestions?


Games would be cheaper on iOS as you can share the purchases?


On the ipad, two movies should not be taking up 10 GB. I mean, I don’t know where you’re getting your movies from, but if they’re coming in at that high a GB, there are programs you can get that will scale them down a great deal. And since they’re just being viewed on an ipad, that should not be an issue. Most movies I have are around 1.5 or less GB.

The ipads are the most expensive of the devices, but you already have them, so it makes the most sense to use those if you can. That would be my first choice.

Beyond that, 2DS XLs would be inexpensive (especially used on ebay or CL), but then you need to buy the games. I feel like a second Switch would be a high price, but also a good investment. You have two kids, and there are already things they like on the system. If you can afford it, the 2nd Switch would be my second choice.


I don’t think either of my kids has used their 2DS since we got the Switch. I’m a little sad about that, honestly, since I think it has some great games for them, but they’re just not into it at all.

I’ve also noticed that my kids get carsick often if playing games in their laps, but rarely if watching movies on a screen that sits somewhat higher.


Don’t forget the sturdiness of the devices, I don’t know how rowdy your kids can get, but from the listed devices I believe the 2DS will survive an nuclear Holocaust (or similar event) the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Should have been a reply to Mirefox, sorry


By the way, I hope you got your Switch versions of Istanbul, cause that gets you an exclusive access to the 1 day beta version of our new super-secret project!


Hahaha, awesome.


(fires up an old They Might Be Giants cassette)


I seriously jumped over to BGG to check out what Constantinople was and, only then, glimpsed the calendar. I’m such a dolt.


The name was JUST a dead giveaway ^^


Man, I am such a Grinch for April Fool’s a Day, but that one made me smile.


This is not Switch related, but it’s April Fool’s related, and I just had to share since we’re talking about it.

Last year, I had to withdraw from posting to Dice Tower News. Mostly because of lack of time (I wanted to work on my own blog too and I have enough trouble with that by itself!) but also because it wasn’t mine. I couldn’t be myself in my posts there. I get that, and it wasn’t an issue.

Anyway, I was never removed from the mailing list, so I’m still getting the emails. They made a big point of stating (as they do annually) that they will not take part in any April Fool’s jokes and to be watchful before posting ideas to the list to make sure they’re legit.

Then this got posted to the list.

And it almost made it out before they said "wait a minute! Don’t post this! It’s a joke.

I can’t believe anybody would think this was real.

I laughed so hard when I saw that.


It’s obviously a joke, but I’d back that soooooo quick. (although I already own them all other than the new Mars one…)

Oh, and I quit writing for Dice Tower News because they raked in $300K last year and yet I was writing for free. I mean, I still write for BGG for $0 [did we mention Dave’s a moron? -ed.], but at least there I feel like I’m cultivating some relationships that will help me over here. That, and Aldie’s always been cool to me. I couldn’t even get Vasel or Summerer to give me the time of day at Gen Con when I bump into them.


Did they take you off the list? :slight_smile:

I agree about the relationships and I think I’d do the same thing if I were you.

And the lack of financial compensation didn’t bother me that much. I could say “Hey, I write for Dice Tower News” and maybe get a little cachet in the field, even if neither Tom nor Eric said a word to me.

What I found stifling was that I couldn’t let my personality shine through in the posts. When I wrote up the same news for them and for my blog, I looked at my blog and said “you know what? This is what I want to write, not that stuff”