Stately Switch Games


I stand by that. Now, I just need to find my Switch (which is still missing…)


My split is about 80/20 in favor of portable mode. I would not buy one without docking though; even if I only sometimes use it, having the option was a major selling point.


Pretty close to 50/50 for me. Handheld is very important, but so is the docked mode. If they made one that was strictly handheld, I would not be purchasing it.


100% docked, though I only play kart and ssbu with the kids


I play the large majority of my Switch time on the TV, but my kids prefer handheld for anything single-player. They play very few PS4 games, whereas I play many, so, in my house, there’s rarely competition for the TV but there often is for the Switch.

I’ve been hearing rumors about a revamped version, and had been expecting that I might get it. Handheld-only would be quite a disappointment, though; I’m not sure what they could add which would make me okay with that vs. just another regular Switch. Local multiplayer is so much better on a TV.


Launches today. My inner child is screaming with glee. The first TJ&E was one of my absolute favourite games on Genesis.


I wouldn’t get the point of a Switch that’s handheld only. Isn’t that effectively taking away the point of the console? The ability to play games in either mode is the main selling point, IMO.


Agreed. As a pure portable it lacks good battery life and being an actually portable size. Plus it is expensive as heck. As a console it lacks power and capacity. But as both? Peerless.


FWIW, I did try the demo, the graphics and “construction craft” style are amazing! There was also an easy mode, which I’m always pleased to see. It’s a bit too sugary for me at the moment, it is adorable and a real work of art. I suspect it won’t lure any of the Hollow Knight folks away from their hardcore platformer, but would be great for younger folks, or those with limited platformer skills, like myself.

I would like to try a demo of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, with the Funky Kong option for an easier platformer mode, but didn’t see a demo for it. I did try the demo for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, which is also pretty cute, from the demo seemed to be a not too difficult puzzler, which didn’t jump ahead of games already in my backlog for 2019. Plus, I’m still looking at Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Steamworld Quest, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 being released for Switch this year … :thinking:


Among those with a Switch who get motion sick in first-person games, how does Zelda play for you?

Aside from the upcoming Fire Emblem game, I’m actually having a hard time finding a lot that I’d be excited about playing on the system, tbh. I can’t do first-person, I don’t much like platformers, and Zelda appears as though it could trigger my pathetic motion sickness genetic failing.


I didn’t have a problem with it (I only played for a couple hours though). It’s third person, which helps. I didn’t play it on a big screen, either, and I think the smaller screen helps prevent some of the motion sickness.


@biffpow, no issues whatsoever in BotW either docked (65” tv) or handheld over ~150 hours so far, and I can hurl with the best (worst?) of them in quite a few FPS type games on different platforms.


Having pretty bad Motion Sickness (I had problems with half life, the last of us, portal just to name a few), but never with BotW.


Oh man, Portal 2 gave me some wicked vertigo once. I was trying to nail a puzzle, falling over and over, and suddenly something came unspooled in my brain. I felt dizzy and nauseous for about 9 hours before it randomly clicked and went away. Never had vertigo before or since.

I also nearly passed out doing VR at a Dave and Buster’s as a teenager. Apparently I have some sporadic but significant issues.


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was … fine. It relied a bit too heavily on shaking up the patient puzzle-solving with rapid reaction requirements for my taste, and it didn’t give me many of the delightful insight experiences which make puzzle games memorable.

I, too, feel like there’s not much I’m especially looking forward to on the Switch, but I have yet to get started on Okami, and I’m interested in Wargroove after that, and there’s a few other games which were already on the bubble and could easily be tipped over into purchases by a good sale or strong review. Since I feel like indie games especially often show up with relatively little pre-existing hype, I’m expecting there to be enough to keep me happy with the system for quite some time.

I do wonder about Pokémon Sword and Shield. I’ve entirely ignored everything Pokémon but Pokémon Go thus far, and that has just been an inducement to get my kids outside. I’m just a bit too old to have any nostalgia about it all. But I got the impression that the next core Pokémon game is being talked about like the Breath of the Wild of the series, so I’m wondering if it’ll be sufficient for me to put up with the elements of the formula I find problematic.


I see South Park The Fractured but Whole is on sale for under 50 Canuck bucks for the game and all DLC. I hate to fall into the same trap as on the iPad where I buy stuff and never get around to playing it (I’m looking at you Civ and Tropico), but there’s no way I can resist South Park for long I wouldn’t think.

Just need to finish Golf Story, play through WoL again, go through the BotW DLC and get another 150 paragon in Diablo 3 and I’ll should be ready for some South Park. Assuming nothing else pops up before then of course.


Switch List

  • Mario party
  • octopus the traveller
  • Valkyria 4 (have it, haven’t played yet)
  • Fire Emblem


We downloaded the Demo for Let’s Go Eevee last night and it was a huge hit with my 6yo, so we bought it. I especially like how it handles couch co-op. I can let her just play as the lead, and the 2nd character kind of just assists in catching and combat. It works really well when you want her to really play the adventure, but want to make it a little easier for her.


Yes! The Let’s Go series is great for the young ones!


This is really interesting. If the price point was low enough, I would buy a second switch. Hopefully I could connect the account to both of them to play digital across both.