Stately Switch Games


And… just in case you’ve never played Baldur’s Gate or its spinoffs on the myriad platforms they’ve been available on, you can soon take them with you on the Switch.

For those too lazy to click the link, a quick Ctrl-C reveals the games to be Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate ll, Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, and Neverwinter Nights.


The most interesting part of that is NWN…I wonder if it’s appearance on Switch means it is coming to iOS?


Dunno… the ports are by Beamdog, who did the iOS ports too iirc


I enjoyed this article, especially the tips highlighting the option to keep game saves with “Archive” instead of “Delete”, and the option to create a Japan Nintendo eShop profile for Japanese titles that may not make it to the USA:

Ten things you probably don’t know about the Nintendo Switch video game console


Trails Rising has a free open beta for a few days (untill release on feb 26th? )
Never played this series before, but it seems you can use the right stick for better control of your motor. Gonna give it a try tomorrow.


I’m liking the idea of demos, I’ll likely give this Yoshi one a look:


Hey all. Great thread as I just got a Switch a month ago. Played the hell out of Diablo 3, West of Loathing and Breath of the Wild so far and am thinking of the next step. Been eyeing up Golf Story, but just noticed Warhammer Quest is coming soon. I missed out on WQ on iOS due to their inane device rotation requirement, but might give it a whirl on the Switch now.

As an aside, tried Skyrim also but get nasty motion sickness. Unfortunately bought it via digital download so am simply out that cash, so yet another reason to buy physical product if possible.

Thanks to all for the tips and info.


Golf Story is on my radar, as I have found a stash of physical copies.

WHQ didn’t quite do for me what I was hoping, but others on this site may have different opinions.


Ditto. WHQ is way overrated. Glad to see @FarmerHarv is also into WoL. I decided I would finish my playthrough of it before even touching South Park. Did you roll Cow Puncher, Beanslinger, or Snake Oil/whatever the shooter class was called?


I went with the Snake Oiler. Was pretty fun overall, only died a few times and laughed out loud about a dozen. Messed up a couple of side quests and didn’t finish/missed quite a few. Think I’ll go Beanslinger next run.

Oh crap, South Park! I forgot about them. That’ll be a chunk of my life gone when I get those two on the Switch. I love South Park.


I am thinking Beanslinger too, and then next time I might try to be a Necromancer.


Lost the entire weekend to Diablo III on switch. That is such a solid port.


Nintendo just revealed Pokemon Sword and Shield, to be released late 2019.

I honestly don’t know what it is about the Pokemon franchise, but I absolutely love it. In a way, the series is like Diablo for me where I will spend hours doing the same exact things I’ve been doing in the game for the past two decades and I don’t even care.


So I picked up Golf Story, and made it to the second area/section/course and it’s kinda fun so far. Not WoL or Diablo or BotW fun, but worth the price of admission.

And then I docked the Switch and fired it up. Oh my gawd. Oh my…MY EYES!

To be honest I have never, ever been able to figure out why people think pixel graphics are ok and I’m biased against them on a general level. I don’t have a house full of HD and 4K devices so I can see how things were done back in the good old days. I have them so I can see people and things and stuff very clearly. To me pixel graphics are lazy and ugly and developers need to just stop. And if any proof of this was needed, then start up Golf Story while docked. What a colossal waste of a perfectly good television set.

If anyone else picks this or any other pixel graphics game up, do yourself a favour and Only play it in handheld mode. Trust me, you’ll be a lot happier this way.


Bit OT but this is a question to Switch owners:

How do you use the Switch, portable or hooked up to your TV? And how comfortable are you with the 2 modes?

Reason being, rumors have it that Nintendo works on a redesigned Switch for handheld use only, so basically a downgrade in “features” to double down on the portability. Back in the old days, they did a similar thing with the 2DS, a 3DS without the definitive 3DS feature of 3D. While I haven’t bought it (Form factor was ugly back then). I might as well had - since I NEVER use the 3D function. So I can understand the mindset behind a Switch lite.
I am deliberating to finally get a switch but my current financial situation, as well as Cupboard space around my screen, is quite limited.

I am STILL using my iPad a LOT for gaming/reading/streaming TV etc. and still like and use my 3DS, DS and PSP pretty much. When I boot up my WiiU I use it in nearly exclusively in handheld mode, so I am not all to adverse of losing the big screen functionality in a Switch 2.0 if it has other advantages/ is cheaper.

However, I prefer gaming on my Consoles in front of a BIIIG screen if I have the option, despite a humongous steam library on my PC.

As I am torn between both options would I miss out much if I lose the TV option? Is there a definitive advantage of playing on the TV aside from having a blown up picture?


I have never used the Switch in handheld mode, except to log into the store, as it’s easier to touch the password.

Otherwise, we treat this as a console for the TV for family use. And we only use it for multiplayer.


I play both ways; probaby 65/35 handheld vs docked. Docked is nice if I want to lay in bed and play; handheld is good when the kids are floating around and I’m playing something not for young eyes, or if the wife is in bed too and doesn’t want to be disturbed. I like both modes, tbh, and don’t know that I’d be thrilled with just one.

Also, handheld is limited to 720p but when you dock it’s 1080p, if that matters to you.


I am single and not all too much into couch coop or MP aside from the occasional Brawlhalla match with my brother when he comes to visit. So this is not much of an deciding factor fo me.

Still playing on my PS2 and PS3 quite frequently (as well as the SNES mini) so nope, resolution or graphic fidelity isn’t an issue at all with me.


I’ve always maintained a pretty good home theater and have always preferred to play console games, as opposed to handheld or PC, when possible. As for the Switch itself, Zelda and Mario were simply joys on the large TV. However, I am also a 1 television household and have a wife and two young kids. The Switch has been a godsend because now sharing the TV isn’t an issue since I can simply grab the Switch and play in handheld if I want. I’d prefer to play docked, but probably play handheld more, to answer your question.


I’ve actually never hooked it up to the TV, I keep intending to but I end up playing it handheld all the time. One reason I intend to hook it up to the TV is to experience the @Neumannium thrill of:

It is resolved, I will hook my Switch up to my TV this weekend. :sunglasses: