Stately Play Decathlon thread


Hello @Baelnor, @KYakerDude and @johnl,
something wrong with table 2?

seems stuck for a long time now.


@Codington waiting on you to join table 4


@Codington, where are you?



So sorry about the delay. Bad timing on my annual summer holiday which is (mostly) off the grid.

Should have steady internet again starting tomorrow.


table 2 has crossed the finish line.

Jamma - 67
KYakerDude - 38
Baelnor - 35
johnl - 14

remarkable 16 military power for KYaker!


Sixty seven points, am I reading that right? Holy moly…


@jammatal ran super hot. I don’t think there was a single moment where he wasn’t banking mad points!


It would have been 72 if I hadn’t managed to take the military 5 point bonus from him in the last turn. Jammatal just killed it.


Jason1002 67
@JHTaube 14
@geigerm 48
@JMH.75 50

I had 4 6-cost developments. Focused on production worlds, mainly rare and novelty since that was the goal. So the Merchant Guild gave me 10 pts. The Pan Galactic Hologrid gave me 10. I had 3 prestige at the end, so that helped. Good game.


exactly the same 67 points! :grin:


We must’ve had the same tableau.


In case it wasn’t obvious, this was my first ever game of RftG.
But, maybe it’s worth figuring out. Anyone else need a kids table?


no :smirk:
i was strong in military (12) and specialized in X chromosome uplift worlds.
two 6-devs for 12 (New Galactic Order) and 14 (Uplift Code) points.


I’ll sit at a kids table.



How did this game come along?


Still going, albeit slowly. @whovian223 has two more cards to fill his tableau, and that’s the closest game ender I can see.


Are we almost a wrap on this? Keen to see where we ended up :slight_smile:


I’ve got all the charts and stuff made up, just waiting for the last table to come in. I didn’t want to post the final standings if the league table wasn’t complete.


i must be blind because i can’t find the result of table 1 :thinking:

i scrolled up and down but d’oh.


We may or may not still be duking it out :slight_smile: given the nature of the tournament I was planning on revealing the final standings all at once