Stately Play Decathlon thread


I’m 8MG76XKK


Hello @Baelnor,
can’t find you on my friendslist.
in case i’m not on yours here is my actual code: 4G68I3YY


Hi @Baelnor

My code is: L9ZQR2HH


My friend code is 3EG1UD77.


My friend code is: 342EWXCC


Table 3: what’s everyone’s friend code? I’m actually going to start the table, but I’m not sure I have all of you (@JHTaube, @jason1002, @JMH.75). I’m RXMKAWWW, in case anyone needs that info.


I’m 8REG4611






Thanks! Table 2 has been created


Looks like youve got the right code for me and hardco. I’m not sure if @irishdomer08 got the invite yet though as he hasn’t joined.


I’m in!


Mine is GGEEUS99


@Codington, I never received an invite to play at Table 4


@geigerm I never received an invite to play at table 3



Apologies for the delay. On holiday now and internet has been spotty. Perhaps someone else should create the game and I’ll try to take my turn. Bad timing here!


Table 4 created


@jason1002 You’re in my friend list twice—must have sent invite to the wrong friend code. I cancelled the first table I created and we’ll try again.


@JaneHatke, I don’t see the game? Think maybe you invited @JMH.75 mistakenly?


Table 4 recreated.