Stately Play Decathlon thread


Welcome to Stately Plays first decathlon tournament! The aim of this tournament is to bring a number of classic and favourite games to the table for one quick play. Points will be awarded based on your finishing place in each game, with the 3 highest total scores at the end being awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

I have divided the selected games up into 2 sections, much like an actual decathlon. The first set of games will be played against other random players. Once the first set of games have finished I will create a seeded table based on the accumulated scores, and the second set of games will be played within those seeded brackets, similar to Dukesters recent race for the galaxy tournament.

Without further ado, here are the games I have selected based on community feedback, games that I consider classic on our platform, and a couple of games I just really wanted to get to the table.

“Day 1”

Carcassonne (with river)
Star realms (core game unless agreed by both players)
Lords of Waterdeep (with undermountain)
Galaxy trucker

“Day 2”

Tigris and Euphrates
Ascension (core game unless agreed by both players)
Race for the galaxy (BoW expansion)

All games capable of 3 players should be played with 3 players, except brass which really benefits from having a fourth player.

I hope to have 2 different games running at once on “Day 1” as the games are lighter and should make this part of the tournament move faster.

I think we all understand that not all these games will be to everyones taste. I think the focus here should be on having fun, and if you’re playing a game you don’t like then you’re probably not going to have fun. To that end, if there is a game you don’t like or otherwise don’t want to play, please let me know in advance and I can remove you from the draw for that game. For the sake of simplicity I was planning on recording that game as a loss, and rearranging the remaining players so everyone who wants to play that game can play.

Signups are still open and will remain open for the next 4 days. I have listed below players who have already expressed an interest.



If you have account names other than this screen name please let your opponents know at the time. I could record them here but multiple games may have multiple seperate accounts names.


H/T on setting this up. I’m JS619 on just about everything, and I absolutely despise Star Realms. It’s swingier than my two year’s old mood first thing in the morning.


Yup, I’m in. I’ll have to brush up on T&E (translation: actually learn how to play the game this time around).


I am in, kennfusion everywhere.

I guess I should buy Patchwork and learn to play that for Day 1.


You say all games capable of 3 players should be played with three players, and then you say “unless agreed by both players” for Ascension. Which is it? We probably all agree that it plays better with two, which may be why you forgot it could be played with more…

This was just an excuse to post that Agricola is best with four too. :sweat_smile:


I’ve never played ascension, only the tutorial. I just assumed it was a 2 player game :frowning: If it’s better with 2 maybe it’s best we stick with that.

I tried to keep the games to 2-3 players as they play a lot faster with fewer players. Perhaps we can revisit the case for Agricola once we have a total player count and the seeding from the first set of games.


You know if you say something like that…someone will disagree. (personally, I like Ascension with 3 better, but happy to play with 2).


I’m in, though I’ll have to buy Patchwork (I only played the tabletop game once and wasn’t a big fan, but maybe I can be converted) and re-learn T&E (played it a long time ago).

So I’ll be easy pickings for those at least!


I’m in!


I’ll need to buy Star Realms and open T&E for the first time. Looks like I’ll be learning new games!


Carcassonne,Patchwork,Tigris and Euphrates: john_1325
Star realms: jlongo
Agricola, Ascension, Lords of Waterdeep,Galaxy trucker: john1325
Brass: johnlongo13
Race for the galaxy: 342EWXCC


I’m in. JHTaube across the board.


I’m pretty sure I’m whovian223 all the way across, except Star Realms where I’m just “whovian”


Courtesy of I have drawn the first two tables. It only seemed fitting we start with a classic iOS board game that set the bar so high so early on that the standard has rarely been surpassed. In all games scoring will follow a simple pattern of 1st= 4 points, 2nd= 2 points, 3rd= 1 point.

Carcassonne with the river expansion

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


Table 5


Table 6



Star Realms (core game unless agreed by both players)

Pair 1


Pair 2


Pair 3


Pair 4


Pair 5


Pair 6


Pair 7


Pair 8


Pair 9


First player of each table/Pair to set the game up please. The winner of each game to report the result at the end of the game. Please post final scores. The score won’t affect the final scores but should provide some interesting data for alternative scoring methods in future.

When it looks like one or the other game is starting to wrap up, I will do the draw for the next game on the list.

Good luck and have fun!


Star Realms
Pair 6
geigerm 13
jason1002 -15

Good game!


Whoops! Missed the Star Realms part of this post. Challenge sent to Hardco. Even remembered to disable all the expansions first :slight_smile:


Star Realms Pair 8:

@irishdomer08 77
@KYakerDude -15


I have to add you two as friends first to start the game. The options given are email or imsg. You can private msg me your preference if you don’t want to post it publicly.


Just for the record, that was my first online game.


Star Realms pair 5:
Hardco: 27
@whovian223 -12

I picked up a couple Machine Cult cards on the first cycle trough the deck, and quickly thinned the deck down with a few Imperial and Blob cards. Whovian’s Imperial bases and few Federation cards never really came together…