Stately Play Decathlon thread


Done at last!

@JaneHatke - 28
@js619 - 36
@whovian223 - 40
@Codington - 47

Came down to the final rounds where I was able to grab a couple of goals for the win.

Thanks everyone and especially @Snotty128 for the tournament!


After 9 months, 4 days, 18 hours and 3 minutes we have come to the end of our grand decathlon. To paraphrase King Gustav of Sweden at the inaugural Olympic decathlon, our goal was to find the greatest athlete in the world. While the results are really no indicator of athletic prowess, we sure did find some good board gamers and a whole bunch of fair and sporting play.

For the last time, and without further ado, here is the final standings.

So a hearty congratulations to myself for taking the top spot! I really do wish it was someone else so I could wax hyperbolic about their achievement. I think it would be somewhat conceited to say those things about myself. That being said, I am secretly very pleased with the result given the intense challenge of the competition.

Our final podium:

:1st_place_medal: Snotty128
:2nd_place_medal: @SleepingGiant
:3rd_place_medal: @irishdomer08

(I can’t help but feel those medals should be a bit bigger and more dramatic)

I’d also like to commend our 4th place finishers. @Hardco, @JammaTal and @Baelnor. It’s a credit to how tight the competition was when the final result was that close.


A big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post their game scores. I’ve collated all of those scores into a table and made a fun, alternative final standings based on those scores. I think the results from this are slightly less accurate due to differing player numbers and options at the different tables, but it was a worthwhile exercise to collect the data anyway.

Rather than congest this thread with 11 more tables I’ve simply added them all to imgur for anyone who might be interested

(I’ve also got this data as a numbers file, I’ll edit this later after I figure out how to upload it)


As a final thought, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who played in this tournament. You’ve all made this experience an absolute pleasure. All I’ve had to do is a little bit of admin to keep things moving, everything else has run so smooth.

I’ll add some thoughts to the decathlon ideas thread about things I’ve learnt from this tournament, with a view to building these lessons into a Stately play championship format. I don’t want to clog of this thread with those musings.


Thanks for all the hard work in putting this together! I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

And I didn’t come in last. Woo! Achievement unlocked.


Big thanks to @Snotty128 for running the tournament–it was a ton of fun. And congrats on the win.


definitely an amazing event!
and what a great job by Snotty to have held it all together!

the convincing win a legendary achievement.
congratulations, @Snotty128!

kudos to all players for holding on for so long. what a community of boardgamers!

i’m looking forward to your thoughts on a possible Stately Championship :grin:


Congratulations, @Snotty128 on your big win.
What a great event and loads of fun…thank you for organizing such a great tournament!


Thanks @Snotty128 for organizing and to everyone that played. Let’s do it again sometime!


Thanks for keeping this behemoth running @Snotty128!


I made up a few additional awards based on the scores tables. I picked a few games I considered mechanically similar and added up each players score for those games to give a total for each different category. So that gives us a -

Master of Heavy games (Agricola, Tigris and Euphrates, Brass)
Master of Playdek games (Lords of Waterdeep, Agricola, Ascension)
Master Deck Builder (Star Realms, Ascension, Race for the Galaxy)
Master Meeple placer (Carcassonne, Lords of Waterdeep, Agricola)

The title of Master of Heavy games goes to @JammaTal ! Congratulations!
It also seemed a good time to point out Jammas amazing run in the second half of the tournament. He was bottom of the table at the halfway point, and seemingly out of contention. But you can’t keep a good man down and he went on to win his next 5 games in a row, finally finishing joint 4th. So close to to podium! Truly epic.

The title of Master of Playdek games is a shared title. Both @Hardco and @SleepingGiant took that one out, congratulations!

The title of Master Deck Builder is another shared title. Myself and @JammaTal took that one out. Congrats!

Finally the title of Master Meeple placer was the closest of the bunch. I took that one with total of 38 points, with @Baelnor nipping at my heels with 37 points, @JHTaube and @SleepingGiant at 36 points and @Hardco at 35 points.

If anyone else can think of any groups of games from the games we played please feel free to make some awards. These were the groups that jumped out at me. It’s a bit of a shame Agricola fit in 3 of the lists, but those 3 groups had 4 different winners so maybe it’s not so bad.


I think there is also a possible

Master of Space (Star Realms, RtfG, Galaxy Trucker)

Which would also go to @Snotty128 by my count… he may have been too humble to suggest that.

When does the next decathlon start and where is the planning thread? After you have some time to recover from all the winning @Snotty128? And I add my congrats for both planning a really fun and fair tournament, and winning it! Well deserved in every way!


my congratulations on such a close runner-up score, @SleepingGiant!
only 1/32 behind.

Decathlon Vice Champion and Grand Master of the RftG Premier League is not so bad :relaxed:


Awesome work everyone! That was such a good way to play through the depth of our collections!