Stately Play Decathlon thread


Our game has wrapped up

Baelnor - 130
@johnl - 108
@srcronley - 106
@JHTaube - 53


Our game has wrapped up

Baelnor - 130
johnl - 108
KYakerDude - 106
JHTaube - 53

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Out of curiosity why did everyone upgrade in the last turn? Is that a way to get victory points? Or was there a different strategic reason for doing so?


no VPs for developments.
but for money (1 VP per 10 £).

upgrading own facilities will bring the VP difference.


a great game of Brass on table 3 just finished:

@JammaTal - 132
@Codington - 123
@geigerm - 112
@JMH.75 - 66


The longest, most complicated game in the tourney, and 3 tables all finish within a 24 hour window? That really blows my mind.

So that’s us on the home straight! Gird your loins, next up is Race for the Galaxy

Standby for an updated league table and final seats at the final tables.


Well, it’s clear I do net grasp it totally yet :wink:


See that’s my point. Money was spent on iron for developments on the last turn, but then no facilities were upgraded. Is there a strategic reason for developments instead of just passing?


developing in the last round and not making use of it?
no reason to do that.
better stick to the money and pass.

can be a way to empty the market to enable overbuilds of ironworks.
but i’d call that “make use of it” too.

or for helping another player to overbuild an ironwork of the leader?
or of a player a few points ahead of you?
that could make some sense.


Gah! I forgot that the final score screen doesn’t give names in Brass. Our game is over, but I have no idea who won (other than that it wasn’t me).

Can somebody who checks the final outcome posts the scores?

Sorry about that.


jason1002 Red - 121
@whovian223 Yellow - 103
@JaneHatke Purple - 81
@js619 Green 77

People developed near the end and drove the price of iron up, so I couldn’t afford a second shipyard. So I just built a couple more rails. The developing didn’t really help them. I don’t think they purposefully were trying to throw a wrench in my plans. Oh well, I won anyway–good game.


oh yes, you pointed to another good reason for developing in the final round!


Sorry folks, super busy weekend this weekend, hoping to get the tables out tomorrow after I meet up with Tof for lunch. Normal service will be resumed shortly


After 8 solid months of competition, we find ourselves at the final event of our decathlon. Our last game is a literal race, Race for the Galaxy. A hotly contested fight for last years game of the year saw it as our runner up, so it should be a game plenty of us are familiar with.

So without further ado, here are our finals tables

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


Can the first player at each table set up the table please, and can the winner report scores. Can each table be set up with a 4 week timer, All 4 expansions (NW, GS, RVI, BOW), goals on, takeovers and rvi scenario off. All players do not need the expansions to play, just the person who created the table. If the first player does not have all expansions please let someone else at your table set up. Also some old friend codes may refer to defunct accounts, so please check if a player hasn’t joined.

Good luck and have fun! Theres still everything to play for as there are still 5 players that could take the gold for the entire event, and there’s every chance to make big jumps in the table for everyone else (except for you JS619, you might be getting the wooden spoon here :slight_smile: )


The league table after 9 games (checked and double checked to make sure I didn’t undo moving Janes row again :wink: )


Yeah… not my proudest showing here, although I did learn how to play Patchwork and Brass! (Perhaps “learn” is more fitting for Brass?)


Table 1 created. @Snotty128 I somehow have two different RFTG friend profiles for you with the same avatar, so I used the most recent one, lmk if that’s incorrect. And thank you for organizing, I know it has been a lot of work. GL&HF to all!


Table 4 technical difficulties - I can’t get the app to go online. Will try again tomorrow.


@johnl what is your friend code please?


Sometimes a force close fixes that grey play online button bug.


Seems to be a phone only issue. Got online on my iPad. Now I need friend codes!

Mine is IQ34T4HH