Stately Play Decathlon thread


@geigerm, are you getting notifications now too?

you’re up. just in case you don’t get them.


Thanks for the heads up—still no notifications for me. On to @JMH.75


What a great game… for a moment I thought I won at the end:

But, no! I forgot that each 10£ counts for a VP at the end, so the final result is:

@irishdomer08 I hope im not stealing your thunder by posting your results for you, just wasn’t sure if you can still see the details and results when it ends, let alone notifications that may or may not be working.

So, results of this game seem to be:

1st @irishdomer08
2nd @SleepingGiant
3rd @Snotty128
4th @Hardco


Good game! I still don’t really know what I am doing in this one. I even wasted my turn twice even after checking the rules (in the wrong spot) to make sure I didn’t waste my turn…


I actually played an offline game before taking my final turn to test the rules and confirm I couldn’t build a level 1 shipyard in the rail era. If anyone has a screenshot of the final table that would be cool.

There are also some subtleties I still don’t understand about what happens to the scoring and income when people build over others’ coal and iron mines.


Thanks! Great game all. That was fun.


the original owner will lose score and income of the lost facility.
when playing the boardgame, scores are calculated at end of game.
digital calculates and displays the current scores permanently (comfort feature).
score is subtracted here.

overbuilds can be key moves indeed.


in case of Brass i recommend to download and read the original boardgame rules on BGG.
a good read and includes a demonstration turn.


I feel your pain - no idea wtf is happening in this one despite the rules and tutorials and videos and sacrifices to the gods… but I want to know!


I think the best way to learn this game is to practice against the AI, which plays better than the person who created the AI:

I hope our new robot overlords are kind to us in the coming years…


table SP3
this turn i had received my first “new” notifications :+1:

@geigerm is up now.
should work for you too now, Mike.
fingers crossed.


Yup—got the notification on my iPad. Hopefully we’ll have smooth sailing the rest of the way. Back to you, @JammaTal


and i got the next notification.
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Minor correction -the owner doesn’t lose the income from an overbuilt mine/ IW, they just don’t score the VPs at the end.


ah, the income.
but in the digital implementation score is subtracted.
from black (realized VP score) when activated, from red when not yet activated.
i saw that happen (had taken turn by turn screenshots).


FYI, @geigerm @JMH.75 @JammaTal, I am trying to sort out a potentially game-ending issue here. Keep taking my turn but it doesn’t “stick”. I have definitely seen this as a temporary Game Center glitch in other games, so hoping either Cublo or Apple will sort it out soon. (Thx to @JammaTal for connecting me to Cublo!)


Got the issue sorted. @JMH.75 you are up!


@js619 you’re up in Brass


Just in case: @geigerm you are up in Brass! Last half of the rail era!


@JMH.75 you are up in Brass