Stately Play Decathlon thread


So that’s @jason1002 , @js619 and @whovian223?

I’ve not had any notifications of any kind either. That’s a shame but we have had a pretty good run of apps working well.


I have been checking every night since I realized the notifications weren’t working.


My notifications aren’t working for Brass either. I’ve been checking every few hours.


afaik the RftG notifications have stopped to work for some time either.
both games have been very reliable before.
what is going on?


we should help each other.

Mike, your turn


Took my turn on SP3. @Codington is up.


Heads up Table 2 (@KYakerDude @JHTaube @Baelnor @johnl) the alerts are not working, so check the game every now and then. Every 30 seconds, if you are obsessive about it, or ever 2 minutes if you’re not.


I can’t speak for Android devices, but it’s amazing to me that notifications for iOS apps have gotten steadily worse every year since the App Store opened. It’s just baffling.


Agreed 100%. It is mind boggling.


Turn taken @JMH.75 up


Turn taken, @JammaTal turn now


table SP3:

@geigerm is up.


@codington is up on table SP3.


i have sent an email about failing notifications to Gregorz from Cublo.
fingers crossed that they can do something about it.

btw notifications seem to be back for RftG.


interesting and encouraging answer from Grzegorz from Cublo:

“Thank you Michael,
Probably the push notifications certificates are expired :frowning: I will take a look at this and fix it asap.”

wow, “notification certificates” :flushed:
apple takes it where they can get it.
no wonder that many older games have no notifications any more.

but we can hope to get them back for Brass.


table SP3

@JMH.75’s turn.
i guess it can take some time for notifications to come back?


@whovian223 turn in our game




@js619 is up in our game, in case they’re still not working for everybody


Getting notifications now and took my turn. Actually earned some victory points, although I have to admit I’m not entirely sure why! I’ve watched tutorials, read the rules, and still have no idea what I’m doing in this one…