Stately Play Decathlon thread


JammaTal is fine, although he feels “like several trucks hit him.” Not surprising. I’ve been there. They will probably have him walking soon and maybe he’ll be home by the end of next week…dunno.


Yeah, it’s a flat-out guarantee he woke up and wondered how many turns he needed to play. :joy:


Get well soon, @JammaTal! All the best for a speedy recovery. The gaming group needs you.


JammaTal (Michael Mauri) is being moved from ICU to a normal room and best yet, has a hot nurse. :smiley:


LOL good for him


Thank you for these updates @Zebracadabra. I’m happy to hear he is on the mend.


Mike Mauri (JammaTal) will be transferred to rehab next Monday. Still not feeling all that good and not looking forward to rehab but according to eldest son Arne, the food will be better. It’s winding up a long haul for him. I think I was home after 8 days.


i’m back to life and internet. ready to play!

after bringing back the serious rhythm disorder to kind of “normal” they could invade with a catheter and saw that only 5 little thin blood vessels had kept my heart muscle alive (“your life hangs on 5 silken threads”). all big vessels including the two stents were blocked.
they installed 4 bypasses, combined with sclerosing a " rhythm trouble area"
a “not too serious” mithral valve insufficiency will have to be watched closely.
those were some “not so nice” days.


Welcome back! Glad to hear things are headed in the right direction!


Hooray! Jamma is back! It’s such a relief to hear from you.


Welcome back Jamma!
So glad the operation went well!
Hope you’ve got a phone charger cause I’m sure there are a lot of games ahead of you.


Welcome back, Michael! Glad you are doing well.


exactly that!
purchased my first ever smartphone for being able to create a mobile WLAN hotspot.


thanks for all good wishes!
game SP3 has taken off.

@JMH.75, it’s your turn.


Good to hear you’re doing well, Michael!

Been sending you lots of good thoughts.


Welcome back @JammaTal! Glad the operation went well!


Welcome back mate glad to hear you are okay


i really want to say THANK YOU ALL again.

i’m not too well and suffered some setbacks in the last two days (one more 165 bpm rhythm disorder romp for six hours and a circular collapse), but all your good wishes help me to stay positive.

and games can be a mental flashlight in the dark.
waiting for surgery i really thought “can’t wait for Brass”.


I really was hoping that these last couple of decathlon games would give you something positive to think about during your convalescence. After all, I know you’re great at both Brass and Race for the Galaxy, so there’s a real chance for you to storm up the table here :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping us updated.


Table 4…no need to wait for alerts to notify you of your turn. They are not working. Our table is not moving at all.