Stately Play Decathlon thread


Forgive the OCD @Snotty128, but your sort seems a little off both in terms of the bottom 4 order being wrong and the apparent lack of a consistent tie break… :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re right, I’ve got Jane in the wrong spot. I’m surprised I missed that. Luckily it shouldn’t make a difference to the seating at the tables.

With regards to tie break I assume you mean in the ascension game. I looked it up in the rule book at the time and it explicitly says the second player to play wins in the event of a tie. I assume that’s why the app has awarded you the win. I admit that I don’t know ascension at all so that rule may have been errata-ed out, or the app may be applying the rule incorrectly. I’m happy to hear if I’ve missed the mark here.

If there was a tie technically Jasons and Codingtons position would be flipped, as per the way I’ve been processing ties (if you start on top you stay on top of the tie). Both players would be on the same score though.


No, I meant tie break in the standings after 8 games played.

2 players have a Total of 27, 22, 21,20, and 18 but there doesn’t appear to be a consistent sub-ranking. If the tie break is “most 1sts”, etc. then there would be some re-ordering and tables would be different.

Really, really, not a big deal at this point but probably worth sorting out (pun intended) before you award the final medals… :stuck_out_tongue:


Sigh. Now my OCD really hurts… just saw that you said you have been breaking standings ties based on prior standing. I guess that makes sense although I don’t think it would hold up to the IOC’s scrutiny… :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy to be bringing up last place!

It’s messy down here at the bottom.


There’s been a fair bit of fudging or making it up as I go along :slight_smile: I’ve tried to remain consistent though with decisions I’ve made earlier in the tournament even if they have shown to be sub optimal after a bit of practice.

Such is the case with breaking ties on the table. I started doing it that way because it was the quickest way for me to re-sort the table by hand! Now that I’ve seen just how often players are tied, and how that directly ties to which table you sit at, I think it would be worth looking at a different system for next time.

I think at the end it would be fair for every tied player to consider themselves to have an equal share of that rank, and I’ll make the final table to reflect that. The World Cup currently has a number of interesting ways to break ties, but I think if we were doing something similar we should have ruled at the start rather than at the end.


All good by me. I put way too much effort into the Stone Age League standings, so I definitely understand picking an approach and sticking to it.

Thanks again for organizing this decathlon. My points do not reflect the amount of fun I’ve been having! :wink:


Ive got lots of plans for extra awards and stats at the end, so hopefully that makes up for the bare bones league table :smiley:


Mike Mauri is in the hospital. Looks like “some kind of rhythm disorder,” according to Arne, his oldest son, and not a heart attack as originally feared. I’ve ask him to keep me updated.

So, he may not be making moves on a timely basis for a bit.


Table 2 is setup:

SP Table 2

Password : decathalon


Terrible news–get well soon, @JammaTal!


That’s terrible news. Get well soon @JammaTal!

Both my parents were medicated for a kind of rhythm disorder and it really worked for them. Here’s hoping you get a similar result


JammaTal had another attack in testing and will be in surgery tmw. I’m guessing bypass. I’ll try to get back as soon as I hear anything.


Shit, that really sucks.

Sending all my best to him. Wow.


Get well soon @JammaTal


Arne messaged me five hours ago that he was waiting for a free slot for surgery but was concerned that he was holding Brass up.

He wants to know if it’s his turn! Lol.


JammaTal surgery scheduled for tmw am. Quadruple bypass.


With that kind of spirit you know for sure he is going to make it and be better and stronger than ever. My thoughts are with you!


Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m sure we are all rooting for Jamma to make a quick and full recovery.

One of the things I’ve always liked about a Jamma is his positive, upbeat, let’s do it type attitude. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he would be asking when it’s his turn in brass :smiley:


All went well! He’s still unconscious but results as expected.