Stately Play Decathlon thread


GG dude. I got my deck to where I wanted it in time for the end of the game, but there was no getting over the bonuses your constructs gave you every turn, and of course the stack of points they came with in the final scoring. I really wanted to win this one too! :slight_smile: would have made my lead at the top nearly unassailable


Well, I’m glad to make your overall lead slightly more assailable, and, I agree that all the card powers we acquire in this game never even make it onto the table… the game ends just when we are starting to build the deck we want… but still fun!


The rare and much debated tie in what was a great game. Technically, I won. Let the raging against the “first player advantage” flare again!

Thanks @js619 … (if that really is your name :wink: ) Well played!


This was a tight one the whole way and I was unsure of who would win until the damn tie breaker showed up! :grimacing:


98-72 win over @johnl. Great game! We both started with Vigil’s Resolve so I expected we would be playing a similar strategy. I got some lucky draws and was able to take a double turn. I really like Ascension.


irishdomer08 73 - @Baelnor 72

I had a big final turn, including getting to take a free 6 point card, that put me over the top. Great game Baelnor.


Wow, some tight games in this set!


ardco (102) over @JHTaube (69)

We played War of Shadows, and I got Legion of Aklys early, and rode night cards to victory.


GG, Jason!


Did you get a lot more high point mechana cards?


no, “only” those in the screenshot: 7/6/5/4/3
you can look at both our whole decks in the Game Results Screen.

and i had 9 heavy infantry. holy moly!


JaneHatke (85) over @ Whovian223 (82)
Good game!


Awww, wow! Nice game, Jane!


geigerm 71
JMH.75 56

Good game!


That’s all the ascension games in nice and fast.

Now buckle up a prepare to go into debt, because I’m posting the Brass tables later today


We are nearly on the home stretch of the decathlon, but first we have our marathon equivalent. Brass is the most complex game in our decathlon, with a grand total of 3.88/5 complexity on BoardGameGeek. A game of canals, rails and the industrial revolution, sure. But it’s also a game of taking on debt and making that debt work for you.

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


Would the first player from each table please set up the table as a 30 day private game. Can the winner please report the scores. Good luck and have fun!


The current standings going into game 9


Table 1 set up, called Stately T1, and the password is Table1, with a capital T and all one word


Table 4 is set up, called Stately Play 4. The password is DECATHLON


@JMH.75 @JammaTal @Codington

Table 3 set up, called Stately T3, with password SP3.