Stately Play Decathlon thread


A challenge to do better with T&E? I played that game quite a bit when I first bought the app and got quite sick of it, so I’m no longer interested in putting extra time into it.


I enjoyed our game. I kept having to look at “last moves” to see what the heck happened. Even then it would only give me some coordinates, based on lower left corner of the board. I was winning right up until the end.

I played this game a lot when it was hosted on boardgamegeek. Congrats @KYakerDude.


not only coordinates.
you can tap on each move in the “last moves” log and that move is highlighted on the map then.
i like it better than many much too fast replays in other games.


i had to thinktank for over 20 minutes to find a possible last chance move (starting a war in a special way) for catching up the leader Codington. at first glance it seemed impossible.

a sign for a game’s special quality. deep thoughts are worth the effort.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt this. My first few turns I was just bumbling along putting down tiles here and there. When I realised the game was wrapping up then the possible moves and tactics seemed endless. I don’t often get analysis paralysis but this one really knocked me on my arse with all the options. I’m thoroughly impressed.


Amazing final turn victory, Jamma. A truly epic “Hail Mary” play to steal the lead and trigger the end of the game by taking the last treasure!

And Jane and Whovian were literally only separated by one cube! Doubly amazing!

Good game all and thanks Snotty for including T&E in the decathlon!


Great win, Jamma! Nice playing as always.


Nice job, Jammatal!!


i had said:

ok, yes. but on the other hand i must admit that a magical moment like the Decathlon’s final Tigris move may not have happened at the boardgame table.
(at least not with a “slow but thorougly” and “there must be a way” slowpoke like me involved)

the other players had feathered and tarred me long before i would have found the trick move. (and i could not have taken two long breaks in between :rolling_eyes:)
so digital may not create the same atmosphere but something own instead.
a very special puzzle quality.

both gaming experiences don’t hurt each other and the one is no substitute for the other.
we are lucky guys having the best of both worlds.


a typical Knizia.
no easy access but can be very rewarding.

another Knizia game i miss so much is Samurai.
it hurts a lot to have lost this gem.
i would give my little finger (or some serious kickstarter money) for a 64-bit remake.


the most recent review on BGG:
stood the test of time and aged like a fine wine

and did you know about this?
Yellow & Yangtze

but i’m not sure that a need a new (even more demanding?) approach.


I enjoyed the Samurai app ages ago when I would still play boardgame apps against the AI. Did it have async multiplayer? I definitely feel like Samurai had a lot easier access than T&E.


It does have async multiplayer, and their server is still up. So if you’ve resisted upgrading to ios11 and feel like a game I’m always up for playing :slight_smile:


Sadly Civ 6 provided the impetus for me to move my last device to ios 11… And that provides the motivation to buy a new ipad when the new Pros come out!


it was the first boardgame app which had it all.
perfectly functioning async, a great log, fantastic replays, undo moves, bird’s eye view, overview of played pieces and pieces still in the deck, persistent chat, PVP leaderboard, title promotion.
to be honest most later releases were far from that high standard.

we had two great tourneys on PT.

@johnl, i tried to create a 2P game but got an error message.
i guess “johnl” might not be your username in Samurai?
i’m JammaTal and would prefer a 3-days/turn timer. but 1-day/turn is ok too.


Invite sent. I’m john1325


Good game everyone.

Snotty128: 8
Sleeping giant: 7
Baelnor: 6
JHtaube: 4

A tense finish featuring blocking catastrophes, a series of revolts and a final war I forced between 2 other players to claim the last treasure.

I’m really pleased at how well this worked as a tournament game, with all tables wrapping up at similar times. A huge thank you to Codington for updating their games to 64 bit so we can keep enjoying these apps. I think the quality and attention to detail really stood out in these apps and it would be a shame to lose all this good work due to apples shenanigans.

Next up is ascension, which was also recently updated. I’ll update the leaderboard and post the next set of tables later today.


Next up is another app that has stood the test of time, Ascension.

It’s the last of our one on one match ups, so it promises to be a real knife fight to secure a better spot in the rankings. If you win you’re going to leap up the leaderboard at the expense of your closest rival.

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


Table 5


Table 6


Table 7


Table 8


Table 9 (if you are both still interested in playing a friendly game)


Can the first player to set up each table with a 28 day timer please, and can the winner report the final scores. There are a number of expansions for this game so I suggest we default to the base deck, but I strongly suggest both players communicate to see if they want to play with any mutual expansions. There is a significant element of deck knowledge to a deck building game, so if there is any doubt I suggest defaulting to not using a particular expansion.


Here is the leaderboard as it currently stands


85-74 ascension win vs the honorable @Snotty128, who played about 100 cards in the final turn and took every single remaining star, but it was not enough to equal my high starring cards. Gg!