Stately Play Decathlon thread


i guess you have never played the boardgame?

our Tigris boardgame sessions have always been a blast. so much interaction, so much drama. very competitive happenings. a lot of dirty talk across the table. threats, “diplomatic” offers, backstabs. great game.


I’ve never played this one before; will have to fire up the tutorial before I see an invite!


I’ve only played the physical game before, but I find the game to be more complicated than I like my abstracts to be.


Nope. And, after playing the app, I probably never will unless a friend has it.


Invitations send


Somehow I’m not getting the invitation. (I still need to play the tutorial).


[Yells from sidelines]

I bounced so hard off T&E that students can still see me if they point their telescopes just right.

[Returns to sidelines]


@JMH.75 I did not get the invitation. I am J4son1002


Do you have these players on your contacts list or game centre? I didn’t have all the details for all the players at my table. I’ve had them send me a message to my iMessage account, then the app can find their account and send them a link to the game. We haven’t launched yet but I think that’s how it works


Let’s try


opening an iMessage channel with all players, then sending the invitation is the best way to get it done.

at the boardgame table it plays more like a hack’n slay and not like an analytical abstract.
ok, with the right mix of friends, and players should be ready to embrace the luck factor.
but special experiences like that can never be reproduced in digital form.


@Hardco 12
@irishdomer08 7
@geigerm 7
@johnl 7

Good game and good win @Hardco



Well that certainly answers one question I had, which was what is a winning score and what kind of target score should I be aiming at for each leader. 7 seems like a good number!


Good game everyone! Here is the full final score:

(Just in case the other color scores factor into breaking ties :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Thanks for that John. T&E has rules for tie breaks so I will use those to determine points for the leaderboards.


Thanks John!


just for confirmation:

player sequence is
winner Hardco of course, tiebreak results:
2nd place john 1325
3rd place irishdomer
4th place geigerm

the shown sequence is just the turn sequence.


Table 3 reporting:
KYakerDude squeaks out a win over @jason1002
Third goes to @JMH.75
Fourth goes to @js619

This was my first time playing so I’m claiming beginners luck.


Grr … I forgot about the tiebreakers and thought maybe I had managed to salvage some points from that debacle. Just another reason that app got deleted as soon as the final score was in.


what about taking it as a challenge?