Stately Play Decathlon thread


table 5 report
and again an early beggar decided the game.


That’s all 4 tables in :+1: I’ll update the leaderboard over the next day or so, and send out the match ups for our next game, Tigris and Euphrates!


Gg everyone! I thought I was doing horribly, so was amazed to see it this close


New game time soon!


Yes sure is :slight_smile: I’ve been on call this weekend, so really not a good weekend to be trying to organise things. But that’s nearly over, so back to business as usual later today


Next up with have Tigris and Euphrates, another highly rated strategy board game on board game geek, and part of coditos impressively updated back catalogue. There were many games to choose from, but I’ve seen this has been a tournament game among us before so it seemed like a safe bet.

Tables are to be dictated by the leaderboard. There was some movement of players at the tables so each table should have a new face or two. Kenn has asked to sit out the remaining games (except ascension) as he is busy at work. Thanks for letting me know in good time. It’s a long tournament and life could have a habit of getting in the way for any of us.

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


First player to set up each table please. I have to admit I’ve not played this game before, so I assume we should leave all options as default (standard map, no public scores, no public tiles, no exact tiles remaining (Codington recommends public scores on and exact tiles remaining on, so set it to that please). I’m happy to take suggestions if these options are sub optimal for the way we play (rely too much on memory so not suitable for async etc). Matchmaking is via the game centre message invite system, so please report back here if there are any problems. The winner to report the finals scores please.


The leaderboard as it stands after 6 games. Due to the tie in one Agricola game I added the points for first and second place and divided them between the 2 players, resulting in 3 points each instead of the 4 for the win or 2 for the second place.


Probably it’s just me, but I don’t see T&E listed in the message app. So how can I invite the players under iOS 11?


Public scores and exact tiles remaining are generally better for async games. Levels the playing field for those who can’t keep track mentally over the async cadence (which is probably most of us!)


Here’s how I’m hoping it’s going to work

Hitting the green tick brings up this screen

Then the invite friends button brings up this screen


Perfect. Let’s do it that way then. Public scores and exact tiles remaining set to on please


Should work and has been tested with iOS 11


Is it GameCenter auth? My GameCenter ID is Sleep1ngG1ant. And I don’t mean to brag, but I’m really good at this game, I won the tutorial on the first try, so I’m 1-0.


Sending fails… Any ideas? All players are listed in green, so it looks like they are recognized…



I’m not really sure, I’ll look into it later when I have the chance.

I had assumed that you would need to send the invite to whatever address their iMessage is associated with. For me it’s my email address, for others maybe it’s a phone number. I had also assumed that you could set up a fresh iMessage account to accept the invite if you felt the need to. As I say, I’ll look more into it later


Unless public scores and exact tiles remaining is the default, then we’ve already started without them. Should we restart?


Wow, that was quick! I’d say it’s up to the players at your table. Either way, you’ll have a level playing field as everyone at the that table is playing by the same rules.


I’m confident that either way, the Question Mark will carry me to a solid finish!


I reinstalled this game for the express purpose of this decathlon, and, after taking 2 turns, I can confidently say I’ll uninstall it again as soon as I’m done. There’s something about T&E that just irritates me to no end.