Stately play decathlon ideas


Yeah, count me in again.


I’m in! Gotta see if I can come in last as expected, instead of just close to last…


I didn’t play in the last one but I might join this one depending on the game selection.


I’m in :grinning:


I’m glad to see there’s some interest so quickly.

As Hardco suggests the first thing to consider should be the games line up. Last time we had a public consultation followed by me exercising executive control and picking the games. This had a few pros and cons.

  • All the games worked.

Personally I consider that one of my biggest achievements in picking the games list. It was one of my highest priorities when choosing which games to pick.

  • The whole games list process resolved quickly.

While a democratic process may have ended up with a fairer result, democracies are not renowned for their efficiency.

  • My bias undoubtedly impacted the games list

By picking games I knew worked, I naturally had to pick games that I knew. I did add a couple of games I had never played, but ultimately I didn’t get any of the surprises at finding a new game like some of the other players did.

Then theres the issue of which platform to play on. I focused entirely on picking games that were iOS universal so more people could play. While we would have the widest range of games by playing iPad only, I suspect we would cut out a good chunk of our players.

I also didn’t consider that we might have players that were android only. Unfortunately I think including android players would restrict our list significantly. If there were enough android players perhaps we could have a segment of the tournament with all the cross platform games, and treat it as a tourney in a tourney.

There’s also the option of widening our game selection by including web based board games like on boteajeux.

I’ll start compiling a games list with the view of creating a multiple choice poll. I don’t know how many poll options you can have on discourse but I suspect we will find out


please count me in, Snotty :grinning:


One thing I felt about the first decathlon was that the 2p only games felt less impactful. Winning a single game of Star Realms, placing in the 50% of winners, and moving on to the next event was unsatisfying. If we’re going to continue having 2p games in the tournament, I’d like to see at least couple matches each of a fast 2p like Star Realms, or shift the 2p games towards the end of the decathlon where a victory against one of your close rivals seems more meaningful…


a very valid statement.
maybe best-of-3 matches?
or shifting towards the end of the event.


just a hint: we have a Challenge thread going on.


Please count me in too!


Count me in. I’ll play again.


I would love to play again!

I thought the game selection last year was good and the tourney management was excellent, so don’t mess too much with the format.

I agree with @hardco about removing 2-player games and having them all be 3+ games. [or his more nuanced point about winning a match by best out of x if there are 2 player games]

There were some games that I rarely/never/not-in-a-long-time played, but I thought that turned out to be fun and got me into some greener pastures.

Any game you can play on an iPad is fine with me. My personal vote is to throw in Through the Ages this time around.

I hope other people chime in with a game they really hope is included, or even any they hope are excluded.

I also like the possible mechanics that were discussed last year for people skipping a game or two without too much of a penalty if it’s just not their thing, or they are busy with life, or whatever. But, I can see the other side of that debate, this is the fricking Olympics of Stately gaming, you can’t just say you don’t feel like pole-vaulting or shot-putting…


And can we get Dave and Kelsey and the entire writers’ dungeon to play this year?


I like the 2 player games we used and would rather see those games played as best of 3 matches than taken out of the decathlon entirely. Since it sounds like we might just have a poll for people to vote on what they’d most like to see, I’d second the idea to add TtA and add Lost Cities as another game for consideration.

I don’t see any obvious reason to exclude any games we used–they were all well-suited to the decathlon, in my opinion. I personally can’t stand Tigris and Euphrates, but that has everything to do with my inability to play the game well and nothing to do with the quality of the app.


Can I suggest we do two games at a time? Try and crack apart the bracket collections a bit?


Seeing that the point of a decathalon is to measure a participant’s skills across a variety of disciplines, maybe we should include Cottage Garden or Indian Summer for the spatial/puzzle skills. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they fit the spirit of a decathlon nicely.


I am in


I should be able to. I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with all my async turns (I think it’s been my turn against JS619 in TtA for about 3 days now), but I’ll try to do better.


And I haven’t been invited to a TtA game in ages. :stuck_out_tongue: