Stately play decathlon ideas


Me too. I support the idea of taking a pass as not everyone will have played every game. Should it be mandatory to keep scores even?


Fun idea! I haven’t had time to join a tournament in a while, but wouldn’t want to miss this one!

A couple of thoughts:

  1. AFAIK, all the async Codito games should work now. Le Havre, Tigris, and Tikal are probably the best choices (Puerto Rico is always fun, but technically not a Codito game anymore… :stuck_out_tongue: ) I would love to recommend BHOTW but there’s still a super-hard-to-reproduce game-killing bug with skipping replay. :frowning:

  2. @Snotty128: For scoring, an aggregate could work just fine, but another suggestion would be some kind of normalization based on scores relative to each other in each game, or a consistent score based on rank in each game (eg. 10 points for highest score, 1 point for lowest.)


I’m definitely in on this!


Ok it looks like there is a little interest for this idea :joy: with a general consensus about the few kinks I was concerned about. I’ll make an official tourney sign up post over the next day or so covering games, game order, scoring, and rules on taking a bye. I’ll add everyone here who has expressed an interest


I officially now express interest in such an endeavor.


i had to severely cut down my time for gaming, but who could resist such an epic event?
some more ideas: Star Realms/Cthulhu Realms, Summoner Wars, Small World 2, Brass, Steam, Ra and oh, how much i would love to get back to Neuroshima Hex, but the new edition from Portal seems to have scrambled the multiplayer invites (except for stone age old derelict GC lists).


Great idea- I’d be happy to play/help out in any way.

In the actual World Board Gaming Championships, that community nominates and votes each year on the list of games that are played. The true classics get “re-elected” every year, and new titles get a chance to be added as well. Perhaps we could consider a form of that process here.


I just wanted to jot down a few of the reasons why I made the choices I did for the decathlon list, but I didn’t want to bloat the tournament thread.

I dropped tta because we have a big tournament going that has only just started. It seemed a shame to use one of the slots for a game we are already playing. I didn’t want to add rftg but drop tta as I think we are looking at GOTY #1 and #2 there and I didn’t really want to play favourites, but rftg has a new expansion coming out.

I dropped twilight struggle, despite dearly loving the game, as it is an iPad only game. It’s a heavy game, but also some people won’t be able to play it on their phones.

I dropped terra Mystica because it’s a bit of a marmite game, you either love it or hate it. It’s heavy, long and I think much better suited to a Stately play yearly championship kind of format.

I added galaxy trucker because I think it’s a great game, but also because CGE deserve to be represented after I dropped tta. It’s also fairly light and fun, which is what I was going for.

I wanted to include ticket to ride as it is a classic, but from what I understand the matchmaking is a headache.

I wanted to include lost cities as it will no doubt work being a coding monkeys game, and being a different kind of game to the others. Eventually I dropped it in favour for ascension as there have been a number of ascension tournaments so I assumed it would be popular

As kennfusion has said, and Wulf_der_Sturm has seconded, I think there is an awesome potential for a yearly championship, with voting on which games to play. There’s lessons to be learnt from existing championships of this type. I hope the decathlon can serve as a prototype for our championship


Great logic @Snotty128, there is no easy answer to this sort of stuff, and people will float in/out depending on the game etc.

Twilight struggle is a hugely long game, and kind of hard to rank/score etc as a single play. I think you would just end up with 50%with a win and 50% with a loss, no real spread otherwise.

At least with Agricola you can get “game wins” and aggregate score to rank the entire group.


I have to say I’m pretty pleased with myself after seeing the bgg top ten mobile games list as 6/10 of those games are on the decathlon list too.

The games I’ve missed have good reasons too! One is a co op game, one is published by asmodee so no async (?), one we have an ongoing tournament for, and one has matchmaking issues.

Still not sure how star realms got to #1 by such a large margin though. Perhaps the advert they put on the star realms splash screen driving people to bgg helped.


White Wizard was pushing the BGG voting pretty hard on Facebook, too. There was a pretty coordinated campaign to get those votes.


Really? That sounds a little lame. Then again, it’s free marketing so perhaps every developer involved should have been doing the same. I guess you can’t blame a business from pursuing opportunity.

My one big takeaway from the list is that you can make one of the highest-ranked board games of all time, but if you limit yourself to the iPad market you won’t have much appeal.


Playing it in this (otherwise fantastic) decathlon has reminded me just how much I dislike Star Realms. The fact that the app sometimes fails to notify me when it’s my turn doesn’t help…


The organized online community for Star Realms on both BGG and Facebook is really big and mostly organic. While WWG did ask people to go vote, that would have done nothing if there was not a very large fan base of the digital game to mobilize.

edit: of course I might be a digital marketer for a living and a star realms fan boy, so I might be biased here.


I agree it seems kinda lame, but I don’t think that’s uncommon. I’m pretty sure Eclipse won PT Readers’ Game of the Year a few years ago thanks to a Facebook/Twitter campaign encouraging their followers to vote.


Sooo… again?


Probably not a bad time to start the discussion. There’s a month left of northern hemisphere autumn to come up with a plan, then we can power through the early games in northern hemisphere winter when everyone is indoors anyway


Count me in - I need a chance to redeem myself…


I’m in! What would be some changes to the lineup though??


I’m in too.