Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Whoops, I just forgot to hit confirm as well. Sorry to my table for the delay.


Great game guys.


Close call!


Snotty128 : 190
@JHTaube : 189
@Hardco : 175

It doesn’t get much closer than that! Well played everybody. I have to confess I got the pen and paper out to work out my last move. I ate a whole bunch of corruption to use the monsters made easy building, but I got to make 6 moves unopposed and I think it was worth it. Lucking into the early lieutenant and magisters orb quests certainly played a big part for me too.


No, @JHTaube’s loss was due to not recognizing you for the threat you were! Gg!


Good game @Snotty128, Wish I could have watched a replay of your final 6! moves. I hadn’t banked enough extra quests to make that worth it.



@Codington - 201
@irishdomer08 - 162
@js619 - 157

I was able to create a bit of an “engine” that allowed me to take and return skulls, so leveraged the advantage of using those places and buildings. Even still, I was on my toes until the last round!


I felt good in the beginning but then that engine took over! GG!


Good win!


Table 7 is all wrapped up. Good game!


Mirefox lost 91 from his corruption, but then gained 52 of it back again because of his Lord. Plus he got to take a whole bunch more cubes during the game, getting all that corruption. But Congrats, @JaneHatke !


Yeah, I didn’t balance it all perfectly. On top of that, I got the lieutenant right away so I was just using any space I wanted with not much thought of the corruption consequences. I maybe took two or three more than I should have.


Thank you! Great game, all!


A thought for the 2020 decathlon: what about leaving the tenth game as a wildcard and allow voting late in the year so that new games have a chance of being included? Just as an example, had that been done this year games like Shards of Infinity, Castles of Burgundy, etc. could have a chance if making the decathalon.


Great game, guys:

geigerm: 155
@JammaTal: 147
@whovian223: 133

I was able to pull off two late quests—and dump all but 1 of my corruption—for a comeback victory.


Great game! It was kind of heartbreaking to see the final turn recap… LOL


yup. great finish by geigerm. had an answer (fitting intrigue card) to all whoes.
even getting rid of my last-turn-mandatory by handing it over to you :roll_eyes:


Well, turns out you can win with the building chick!

Great game, @SleepingGiant had an awesome engine going early.

I was lucky enough to get some solid buildings and then high value quests (40/25) and even a few intrigue cards that convert to VP.

Oh, and then I milked Intrigue cards with my draw/play another quest


And pretty sure I fed @Neumannium everything I could :slight_smile:


Yeah, you got some starting good draws with the lord of buildings and the library of unlimited magic, and also played your hand excellently. I had at least 3 mandatory intrigue quests saved up for you just when you played that card that reveals and prevents mandatory quests, in turn 7. GG to both you and @Neumannium!