Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Welcome one and all to the 2019 edition of the Stately Play Decathlon.

Thank you to everyone who has come back to play again, and good luck to all the new players too. I intend for the tournament to run for ten months with a new game starting every month. Each game will score 4 points for a 1st place finish, 2 points for second place and 1 point for third place. Games that have not completed by the start of the next game will post their score at that time to provide a provisional ranking for the next set of tables. The leaderboard will later be updated when the final score comes in. Hopefully this should keep things moving without swamping players who can spend less time at their devices.

Our games list (as voted by our players) and our game order (as selected by is as follows:


Ticket to ride
Lords of Waterdeep
Race for the Galaxy

Twilight struggle
Star realms
Through the ages

(I did tinker with the order slightly. I thought star realms was perhaps too swingy for a final game, and I wanted something family friendly for our first game)

Tables having been selected by the seeding from the last tournament. Unseeded players have been placed at the end. This will give us a chance to compete again against old rivals before the first result blows the table wide open.

Our starting tables for Carcassonne are :

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


Table 5


Table 6


Table 7


Can the first player please start the table and send invites to the others at that table. Can the winner please post the result here. I suggest each table discuss which expansions they want to play with, with the default being the base game and the river expansion. I don’t want anyone to feel pressured to buy an expansion they don’t want, but if your table has mutual expansions you might have more fun by including them.

Good luck and have fun!


Thanks again, @Snotty128 for organizing!

@johnl, @JHTaube - I really like the suggestion to add the Winter expansion, given the time of year!

Happy holidays and happy gaming, every one!


Awesome job, @Snotty128! Will send an invite tonight once the kids are in bed… @kennfusion @Mirefox any input on expansions? I personally love gobbling meeples with the dragon, but fully understand that it makes an async game drag.


I only have 1 expansion, which is River.


River it is then


Question, I have had Twilight Struggle for a long time, was just recently trying to learn it, as I never had time when it released. But it crashes a lot, and is mostly unplayable. Since it is part of this tournament, does nobody else have this problem? I am on a fairly new iPad, current generation, and updated iOS.


I’m good with any expansions, or none. If we’re just doing River, that’s fine.

My name in game is Mirefox. My name in every game is Mirefox.



I sent an invite with a few expansions added, including the winter expansion. @Codington, your status in the invite lists you as missing some expansions, I don’t want to add any you have no experience with. Take a look at it and let me know if there are any you would like me to add or remove and I’ll resend the invite.

Also @JHTaube, let me know if you’d like me to add or remove any expansions.


Mine rarely (almost never) crashes - maybe a restart will fix it?

edit - I’m pretty godawful at TS but enjoy it nonetheless, and am always up for a friendly game if you want to send an invite.


TS runs smooth as silk on my ipad4 and my current iPad. It doesn’t like being minimised though and will kick you back to the main menu when you reopen it (or crash in single player as a quick test has just shown). Good luck with your trouble shooting


@johnl I never got an invite. I’m fine with whatever expansions you want to add but maybe I need to buy them to get the invite? Except that I bought the 5th anniversary bundle which unlocked all the expansions. Very strange.


@Neumannium, @feederofgoats, any preferences on expansions? I have I&C, T&B, the River, and the Phantom, and I’d suggest the first 3 of these at least iff you have them. Happy to top up with any other.


Anyone looking for practice matches in TS or TTA?


@Mirefox and @kennfusion, invite sent. River expansion only.


Ok, someone is going to have to explain this to me. I got an email from @js619 asking to be my Carcassonne friend, but the “link” provided to accept isn’t a hyperlink and I cn’t tap it to do anything. In the app itself, there is no indication at all that I’ve been sent any kind of invitation, unless it is hidden where I haven’t seen it. What am I doing wrong and how do I proceed?


The link is in carcassone://xxxx format. Maybe if you’re not using the iOS mail map it doesn’t recognize it? Clicking on the link should open up the app.


I sent an invite as an iMessage and we got it to work. When I tapped and held the message I got an option to open, and tapping that tried to open the Carcassonne app. If your mail app won’t process the link then maybe an iMessage would work instead. The game creator gets the option to send as an email or an iMessage


I dislike email and therefore don’t have the app on my phone. I’ve downloaded the mail app and the link worked fine.


I will play, just learning. Are you john1325? Or are we not friends in app yet? TS that is. I have not bought TTA yet.


Yes, john1325 in the playdek apps.