Stately Play Decathlon 2019


300 points is ridiculous too!


We did play the extra pwn for the long game. But yeah, those scores were pretty huge. I blame the 13 buildings.


300! That’s a crazy score.

Looks like is just Table 4


Left to come in. How are you all getting along?


We’re down to the last 3 agents in round 8, so almost there. Dramatic finish as @johnl and @feederofgoats are separated by a handful of points for the lead.

I’m just trying to make the third place score less distant. Hey ho :slight_smile:


I suck.


Table 4 is done, photo finish. @feederofgoats takes it! Good game.


Great game guys - I was pretty sure you had it there @johnl when you were chaining quests on the last turns. First time I’ve played with the expansions and I enjoyed it much more this way


That’s everyone in!

Next up Patchwork

Sit tight and I’ll get the tables up tomorrow hopefully


Did I miss my notification for Patchwork?


Not set up yet.


Sorry, I’ve had a lot on at the moment - which is a poor excuse as I’ve just been slack. It’s on my list of things to do


Tables assigned soon for Patchwork?


Well, after 3 months of radio silence and only having made it through 3 games since December 2018, we at least need to rename this to the 2020 Decathlon… :wink:

Are people still interested? Anybody want to take over running it?



Also meant to say kudos to @Snotty128 for soldiering on with this epic idea for so long.

And one option if people have lost interest would be to start a new 2020 Decathlon (or maybe a Pentathlon would be easier to complete? :wink:)


Thanks for posting the playerlist. That seems like a sensible way to gauge interest in who wants to continue.

Times have been pretty tough for me the last 6 months (though they are getting better). Sadly online boardgaming has been a major casualty of that change so I’m no longer able to continue playing in the tournament. If anyone was willing or able to take over running it that would be very much appreciated


Still interested, although I don’t know that I have the knowledge, time, or ability to herald the tournament. Fully invested in participating though. And h/t to @Snotty128, hope things improve and always here if you need an (internet) hand.


Still interested in playing.


I will battle it out!


I’m still happy to play through the tournament games.
It’s tough to be an organizer for just a single tournament; that’s why I haven’t done it in a long time.
I’m sure its much harder to keep up with this year-round. Major kudos to @Snotty128 for last year and for getting it rolling this year.

Current status:
Carcassone - complete
Ascension - complete
Waterdeep - complete
Race for the Galaxy
Twilight struggle
Brass - separate tourney running right?
Star realms
Through the ages

I’ll set up tables for Patchwork based on replies by the end of this week. Will others volunteer to run the other games? Will someone volunteer to track overall points?


I’ll keep playing, and I’m willing to pair another round if we want to split responsibilities…