Stately Play Decathlon 2019


300 points is ridiculous too!


We did play the extra pwn for the long game. But yeah, those scores were pretty huge. I blame the 13 buildings.


300! That’s a crazy score.

Looks like is just Table 4


Left to come in. How are you all getting along?


We’re down to the last 3 agents in round 8, so almost there. Dramatic finish as @johnl and @feederofgoats are separated by a handful of points for the lead.

I’m just trying to make the third place score less distant. Hey ho :slight_smile:


I suck.


Table 4 is done, photo finish. @feederofgoats takes it! Good game.


Great game guys - I was pretty sure you had it there @johnl when you were chaining quests on the last turns. First time I’ve played with the expansions and I enjoyed it much more this way


That’s everyone in!

Next up Patchwork

Sit tight and I’ll get the tables up tomorrow hopefully


Did I miss my notification for Patchwork?


Not set up yet.


Sorry, I’ve had a lot on at the moment - which is a poor excuse as I’ve just been slack. It’s on my list of things to do


Tables assigned soon for Patchwork?