Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Let’s play ‘em all! I’ll leave it to you to set it up when you’re ready.


@jason1002, are you okay with playing with all expansions???


@irishdomer08 don’t have you in my Waterdeep friends list and neither irishdomer nor irishdomer08 exist lol - what’s your username?


I’m mhatke in game


Yes I am


Cause that makes sense? :wink:

Invite’s been sent


Table 4


john1325 on playdek. Have both expansions. Prefer just undermountain but will play with any mix.


@kennfusion, @KYakerDude I have only undermountain.


@JMH.75 who are you in app? There is no JMH75 it appears.


You have to add a dot: JMH.75



I made an executive decision (Skullport only as a way to ban Open Lord). If anyone disagrees, feel free to create a different game!


I was looking through the cards trying to remember which card it was that was a major threat. That’s the one! Invite accepted



so shouldn’t we go the same route? Undermountain and Skullport?
ok for you?


that’s good for me!


Sounds good to me too–let’s get it started.


Thanks @johnl. @feederofgoats, do you have any preference either way? (istr you’re on my Playdek list, but might be misremembering…)


Hi @SpiceTheCat and @johnl - I have all expansions and happy to play whatever you guys prefer. I’m goatfeeder on Playdek


@geigerm, are LoW notifications working for you?
no move for 2 days seems a bit unusual. so i’m worried that you don’t know it’s your turn.
if ok, just forget about this. i have no problem at all with slow play.


Sorry about that–I had done everything except hit the “finish turn” button, so there was no notification to miss!


i’m glad that my message could help with that :laughing: