Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Good game @JaneHatke!


@feederofgoats , good win!


GG @SleepingGiant


Gg @kennfusion that was a real butt-kicking from start to finish


Nudge/inquiry: where are we here? Looking forward to the next game in the series!


@Snotty128 have we lost the thread here?


I’ve got the notes written down and I’m hoping to get the next game up this weekend. I’ve started a new job so my free time has changed quite dramatically. It’s a poor excuse and I’m sorry for the delay. Thanks for keeping me in check :slight_smile:


On vacation this week and unsure of the internet status, so I may be slow to start / accept / move in games


@Snotty128: No worries at all. Life happens and a new job is something to celebrate! The radio silence was worrying me is all. Glad to know you are alive (:wink:) and that the fun will continue anon.


Next up we have Lords of Waterdeep. I believe the tables are as follows:

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3


Table 4


Table 5


Table 6


Table 7


Could the first player please set up the table with a 45 day timer, and with expansions to be discussed at each table. The previous decathlon saw us play the undermountain expansion, and it would also seem the long game variant received some support too. Perhaps use these two options as a starting point, although there should be no pressure to buy an expansion you don’t want.

Can the winner please report the scores here.

Good luck and have fun!



@JaneHatke and @jason1002

I have all expansions and am open to all. I like the one that adds corruption, but I’m perfectly happy with any game that comes my way.

Game name is Mirefox.


@KYakerDude and @JMH.75

I am open to both Undermountain and Skull port. I prefer to not have Long Game on with less than 4 people, but I am open to anything.


I have Undermountain, so I’m happy to play it. Long or short is fine with me.


@irishdomer08 @Codington I own all expansions and am open to whatever you guys would prefer


@js619 likewise! @irishdomer08?


@JammaTal @whovian223 I’ve got all the expansions and am open to any game type. mgeiger9 in game.


I have all expansions and open to all as well.


@Codington @js619 let’s do them all


I’m open to all, but I’d like at least Undermountain @JammaTal