Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Good game @JaneHatke!


@feederofgoats , good win!


GG @SleepingGiant


Gg @kennfusion that was a real butt-kicking from start to finish


Nudge/inquiry: where are we here? Looking forward to the next game in the series!


@Snotty128 have we lost the thread here?


I’ve got the notes written down and I’m hoping to get the next game up this weekend. I’ve started a new job so my free time has changed quite dramatically. It’s a poor excuse and I’m sorry for the delay. Thanks for keeping me in check :slight_smile:


On vacation this week and unsure of the internet status, so I may be slow to start / accept / move in games


@Snotty128: No worries at all. Life happens and a new job is something to celebrate! The radio silence was worrying me is all. Glad to know you are alive (:wink:) and that the fun will continue anon.