Stately Play Decathlon 2019


Is it point differential in wins only, or total point differential? If it’s wins only, what @Codington has is right, but if it’s total point differential, @whovian223 and I flip:

@Codington +19
@whovian223 -4
@geigerm -15


Great game! It wasn’t the most dynamic game but I’m happy I eked it out :slight_smile:


Good game @Mirefox! You obviously haven’t seen my Carcassonne performance - no meeples in hand and zero points is tricky to achieve…


fresh result from table 3:


I thought I won, too. Was all like, yeah! I win 36-34! Woohoo! and then the final score ended up 91-66. It’s been so long that I have no idea what points were scored after the game ended. I really need to go re-read the rulebook before @kennfusion joins my other game.


It’s easy, it it the points earned in-game and the star value (forget the term) of all the card in your deck. That is located on the bottom of each card.


Good point. Up to the tournament master.

What I can say for sure is I thoroughly enjoyed both games - one was obviously more in my favour (one kind of fun) and the other was a nail biter (another kind of fun!)

Thanks for the games @geigerm and @whovian223!


Me too… see the score above your post. Finished 31-29 in my favour, ok, maybe I’ll eke out another win. Oh, no, @JammaTal has stomped me. :grin:


i had a lot of Mechana constructs which are worth the most victory points.
no way to see the exact total worth of card victory points during a game, except by doing some bookkeeping from the start on.


I’m glad we were equally confused. I normally (in the few games of this I’ve ever played) try to cull my deck a bit, but I don’t think I ever got those cards, so I just kept paying for points and not culling any apprentices or militia. It does seem a bit unbalanced for a CCG when the deck ends up being worth more than fighting all the monsters and using all the special powers…


In the event of a completely tied table my intention was to subtract your losing margin from the winning margin at your other pairing. I’m hoping this will reward the player who only lost by a little compared to a blowout loss . @geigerm seems to have the calculation as I had envisioned.

There are 3 other 2 player games left so I’m hoping this system will be adequate for resolving ties in those games too. Each game has its own challenges. Patchwork has small victory margins, twilight struggle can result in early non points based finishes, and star realms can have devastating final turns. Hopefully this system works fairly so we can have somewhat consistent rulings across the whole tournament.


GG @hardco. You had the measure of me for the entire table, but fortunately my extra turn card came out just in time. That allowed me to brutalise the monsters in the card row then follow up by mopping up all the juicy points cards I revealed.


Good game! This was probably close to the first time I’ve played the base set since it came out, and my recollection of the set was that the monster killing currency was stronger. It didn’t seem to work out that way though!


Table 2

Gg, @JHTaube! I also lost to @JMH.75, 62-58, but didn’t get a pic of that


Gg @js619! You just had 4 points short.


I was shocked it was so close, considering your run on victory points!


GG @KYakerDude . As you saw, I think the writing was on the wall from the mid game. Being able to do a double move on the last turn was the icing on the cake


73 - 59 win over @JammaTal

Good game!

1-1 finish for all at our table

If my math is correct, here are the score differentials:
@irishdomer08 +11
@JammaTal +2
@SpiceTheCat -13

Spice over ID: 77-74
Jamma over spice: 73-57
ID over jamma: 73-59


In a game that quickly had a center row with only 7-cost cards, I got lucky and was able to break in first. Good game @JMH.75 !


GG, close one.